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Cindy Coverly Cindy Coverly 30 posts

Wow, Africa is such a diverse place, each town and province has their own unique culture and language, style of living, it is different every…. At this point in time i live in Johannesburg, The main africa language here is Tswana. it is a huge city, every thing is always on the go, the rush, cars every where, taxi’s all over the place it is just coas to get to one place to the other. But not far from where I stay is a place called Hartebeesfonteing (See more portfolio for some pics) it is like an arts and crafts pradise with mountains, lakes and waterfalls, the people are friendly and lade back, the scenery is outstanding….. it is really a beautiful place.

Far away from where i stay know is the place i grew up in at the coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Empangeni is the places name…. there every thing is so laid back and slow, every one is on there own mission, there you get different cultures all together, Zulu is the main african language there. So there you can go for Africa shows where the Impi Warriors will perform there dances etc – I dont know if you ever seen the world cup rugby were the Zulu man dances with all the animal skin clothes and stuff on him… that is exactly what i am talking about….. There you get the surfers etc….

Cape Town is also an amazing place, my favriot place in particular there is a small artist Town called Hermanus, a certain time of the year they have the breeding season for the whales, it is the most amazing thing i have yet experienced to sit on the rocks looking down at all the hundreds of whales and they are all so close to you, it does some thing to your spirit man, you feel so conected in a way. It is beautiful.

Venda was also an amazing place, their the people all live in the mountains, so it is a mission in it self to go up to visit with them, i went there with our church on an outreach, there clothing is outstanding, so beautiful and colorful, they are so friendly and down to earth… really good people.

Errazi-Jalal Errazi-Jalal 417 posts

Nice meeting you Cindy !

I live in Morocco, North of Africa. I was born in the city of Fez . It was there where I received ma elementary, secondary and university studies; untill the day I applied for teaching English that I had to leave the city and head towards the North of the country, in Chefchaouen city; well…not precisely IN the city, but rather in a village located in the countryside , I loooove it tho ..

Cheers !