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Artwork of South Australia

Group Rules:

For Members who contribute to Adelaide/South Australia .

Before uploading your next photograph, please read:

1We accept high-grade artwork (photographs, paintings, and drawings) that capture scenery that will sell South Australia to the rest of the world, art that best promotes Adelaide or South Australia.

2 … All works must uniquely capture Adelaide and/or South Australia and showcase this great state in it’s best light.

3Not permitted and will be instantly rejected: Borderering, Signatures, Text (“Happy Birthday”/etc), Compositions. Signatures on paintings are permitted.

4 … For works to be accepted, they must include location they were shot in the image’s description. This needs to be specific, not ‘in the middle of a paddock I saw’.
Please note: Submissions without this may be declined.

5 … Nothing Offensive. Children view Redbubble, so consider them when choosing suitable work to upload.

6 … Maximum of 20 / TWENTY images per artist, and no more than 3 / THREE image uploads per day.

These rules ensure the BEST of your work is submitted, and nothing less.