Artwork of South Australia

Photography and Paintings by Artists of South Australia

Recent Work

  • Burning Desire by Patrycja Whipp
  • Nimbus Nectar by Patrycja Whipp
  • Reflections Bay by Patrycja Whipp
  • Cosmic Swirl by Patrycja Whipp
  • Midnight Tickle by Patrycja Whipp
  • Weeping Willow by Patrycja Whipp
  • Genesis by Patrycja Whipp
  • Opposites Attract by Patrycja Whipp
  • Red Gum Dream by Patrycja Whipp
  • Where The Sun Meets The Sea by Patrycja Whipp
  • In The Flow by Patrycja Whipp
  • The last spin by SD Smart

About This Group

Only by Photographers and Artists from South Australia.

This group contains photographs, drawings and paintings that best presents Adelaide or South Australia in its BEST light, and as the subject or location of the piece. No individual piece is featured above others as we consider every piece an important feature.

~ Please do NOT submit images with borders, text & signatures.
~ Maximum of TWENTY (20) images per person, with a THREE (3) per day limit.
~ It may be up to 120 hours before your submission is accepted (/declined). Therefore limit your submissions to 3 every 2 days.

Please Read the Group Rules Before submitting any artwork. I highly suggest you also read these articles:
FAQ (ie, Why was my work rejected?) | UPDATE
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Icons of South Australia
South Australian Coastlines

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Membership of the group is by invite only.