Acrylic Painting

Painting with acrylics, using gessos and exploring different surfaces...if this is your game, join the group!

Recent Work

  • Watching the flow by Adam Bogusz
  • ABSTRACT COPPER(C2000) by Paul Romanowski
  • HOLD IT LIKE THIS A BIT LONGER (C2016) by Paul Romanowski
  • fierce chicken by lenaliluna
  • Drink me - vial by lenaliluna
  • Flight of Fancy by Les Sharpe
  • X1 by John Douglas
  • Pour une poignée de radis by pitoire
  • Morning mystery by Yuliya Glavnaya
  • Hush...  by lenaliluna
  • flowers and nudes by Ronan Crowley
  • Hippy Cat by Shulie1

About This Group

*Mixed media is fine, as it lends itself to adding different things to create different surfaces to paint upon (sand, dirt, just about anything you’d like to paint on can be gessoed into a paintable surface). But please, NO DIGITAL ENHANCEMENTS OR DIGITAL ART. Color correction is acceptable. Manipulation is not.


*Please take care with how your work is presented. Upload only the work you are very proud of and that would be sellable as prints or cards. This means attention should be paid to cropping, soft focus, glare, etc.

If you are submitting a painting as part of a corporation that mass-produces work, your work will be rejected as this group is meant for individual artists and not companies who have employed artists to paint for them.

The Acrylics Group was founded to supplement other painting groups, such as Painters in Modern Times There are many techniques and qualities to acrylic painting that set it apart from watercolor, gouache, or oil painting. If you are a painter who uses acrylics and want to meet others who do the same, join the group! There are forums set up on techniques, tricks of the trade and a voluntary critique forum. I also host an Oil Painting group. Feel free to join both if you work in both mediums.

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