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Tam  Locke Tam Locke 3098 posts

Ace Cafe is proud to present Lamiel (Miguel)

Miguel joined Ace Cafe in September 2010 and has since achieved a HUGE 29 ACES! Anyone that has been in the Cafe for a while knows what a fantastic achievement this is! As well as this, Miguel is a consistently active member within our forums, offering helpful advice and critiques to all.
His photographs offer us all an insight into everyday life with an abundance of colour and beauty, be it in India, Canada or where ever he may be…



Our first Book

A Lazy River

Dusty Light

Citrus Dreams

The Last Passenger

The Interview

Miguel Lamiel

Where do you call home?
Even though I try to stay away from it as much as I can, Montreal is my anchor. No where else have I found the perfect components that make my life complete. It is very human friendly. Tolerant. Alive. Diverse. Culturely it is a melting pot where European culture blends with North America for the better, where art in all its forms is considered a natural resource. Canadian winters are a bummer though, and that’s when I try to escape the seasonal cocooning. The world abroad is too enticing. My eye needs the exotic. So many moments to be captured. :)

What equipment do you use?
Nikon D300

My favorite lens is the Nikkor 18-200mm because of its versatility, and perfect match for my type of ‘quick’ photography. 

I use a Macbook for its sturdiness. Power shortages are frequent In Asia, and I fried a previous laptop due to voltage swings.

When I set up my studio (which is rare, because I prefer natural light) I use 2 Portalites.

PSC5, Silver Efex, and Color Efex Pro. These 2 last plug-ins can salvage any trashed image with ease. :)

What inspires you to create an image?
People, people, people!!! They provide my inspiration. I find street photography the most challenging and rewarding whether the captures pan out or not, though I don’t limit myself to that genre. I get to do alot of walking, and I get to meet some pretty outstanding individuals this way too. I’m a believer of magical moments when story and technique just happen as if blessed by the gods. One has to be as fast as lightning, to capture the blessing. :) So interesting stories are my aim. The unpredictable is what I look for. Processing afterwards is the fine tuning, as if cutting a diamond and trying to minimize the flaws. Since I’ve been on Red Bubble, the energy and talent of its members certainly has opened me to other visions. That’s all good! Creativity needs that state of flux.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you would like to share with your fellow members?
Experiment. Keep an open mind ,and experiment some more. Oh yes, cropping is not a sin. lol It is what brings us closer to the essence.

Congratulations Miguel for being the first ever SPOTLIGHT ARTIST and thank you for your participation in Ace Cafe!

Lisa Knechtel Lisa Knechtel 1277 posts

Miguel, your work is inspiring. Congratulations on this recognition. You are so deserving!

✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 10188 posts

(¯`‘·.¸(♥)¸.·’´¯)Beautiful Pictures awesome work Congratulations Miguel on your recognition Well serving hugs Wonderful

CraigsMom CraigsMom 5750 posts

Congratulations on being our first Spotlight Artist, Miguel. Great interview! Thanks for sharing with us.

Paula McManus Paula McManus 202 posts

fabulous collection of photographs! congratulations on your Spotlight!

christophm christophm 169 posts

Congratulations! Well deserved!

csouzas csouzas 1634 posts

Fantastic images! Well done and congrats Miguel!!

lamiel lamiel 2595 posts

Thanks , Tam, Phil, Mary Ann and Val for shining the spotlight my way. Much appreciated.

Thanks to my fellow Acers for the support and comments. The man is blushing :-).

montserrat montserrat 2632 posts

Congratulations Miguel, your spotlight is well deserved. Your eye sees beyond the first layer and reaches within one’s soul when you are shooting people… a true gift.

Erin Fitzgibbon Erin Fitzgibbon 3035 posts

congrats miguel, such great work deserves recognition

George Parapadakis (monocotylidono) George Parapad... 701 posts

Congratulations Miguel! Your work is inspiring and your critique always welcome. I envy your natural ability to portray people and capture the moment. George

lamiel lamiel 2595 posts

Muchas gracias, amigos. :-) I forgot to say in the interview how I have learned so much in the Ace Cafe forums. Opening a newly posted image and taking the time to analyze it with heart and mind is a great exercise.

DBArt DBArt 978 posts

congratulatiosn lamiel.. your work is always inspiring.. We all learn from one another in this forum..

Trish Woodford Trish Woodford 3153 posts

Congrats on the Spotlight Miguel, I love the exotic places and people that you shoot – you seem to manage to capture a real essence. I enjoyed reading your interview……

Charuhas  Images Charuhas Images 250 posts

Awesome work Miguel! Hearty Congratulations on the Spotlight. Your work is fabulous. Cheers!!! Charu

lamiel lamiel 2595 posts

@DBart, Trish, and Charu….thanks for your warm words…much appreciated.

DonnaMoore DonnaMoore 1238 posts

Congratulations Miguel….You are so passionate about sharing your ideas, thoughts and inspirational through your beautiful work. I love how you embrace the differences that define them and the differences that make your work unique.