Accidental Images (hidden pictures)

NO MANIPULATION, NO BORDERS or FRAMES, NO TYPE! "Hey, that looks like a ... (something other than what it is)! " That's an Accidental Image!

DON'T LOOK YET! First guess how many ♥ hearts are featured in the first 20 pages!

Susana Weber Susana Weber 1407 posts

First guess how many ♥ are featured? How many did you guess? Congratulations to all the finders of these ♥ hearts!!

When Rust Loves You Back
by Wendy Brusca

If Your In Love, You'll See It Everywhere
by Kuzeytac

Hidden Heart
by Amy Dee

Heart in Stone
by rjcolby

Heart shaped pebble
by John Burtoft

The Heart Of Nature
by heatherfriedman

Heart of Stone
by Marilyn Cornwell

Love is a natural thing
by ©The Creative Minds

Heart of Stony Glass (Rosella Opalite)
by Stephanie Bateman-Graham

Simply love me…
by Gisele Bedard

Hearty flavour
by Karen01

I HEART You Tree
by WildestArt

Slice of life
by Karen01

“a geography class!

Love and Apples
by Wendy Brusca

Chip off the old block
by Karen01

by Marilyn Cornwell

Sheet Music Love
by Heather Rowe of Oil Water Artt

Hole Hearted
by Vince Scaglione

Love Is In The Air
by Tracy Faught

Fall Love
by DirkDougler

Plus… ulryka’s lovely portrait of her sister in which the Accidental heart doesn’t show in the thumbnail.

by ulryka


vertigoimages vertigoimages 151 posts

Thanks tons for the double feature, Susana!

Karen01 Karen01 91 posts

OOoh, this is glorious…..what a wonderful idea and how gorgeous to see all the work from all over the world – thank you so much Susana, I am thrilled to be part of it, thank you for my features!! :) Congratulations to all these hearty artists!!! ;)

Douglas polancih Douglas polancih 2 posts

thank you so much for the feature I am honored