Abstracts from Nature Photography

This is a group for Photographers whose work focuses on the abstract beauty of Mother Nature, for photographic work that concentrates on naturally occurring lines, patterns, shapes, colours, form, etc, natural abstracts at their absolute brilliant best.


  • Andean Sunset by Stephen Beattie
  • River Dancing Stones by David Piszczek
  • Yellow Warning by taueva
  • Dams Edge by amko
  • In the Fire by Olga Zvereva
  • Sparkling water, Lake Dove by bevanimage
  • Ripples on the Sand by Karen Harding
  • Fluffy by Walter Quirtmair
  • White Violet - Close Up by Stephen Beattie
  • Colorful shadows by andreisky
  • Water on the rocks by andreisky
  • Frozen Beauty by Walter Quirtmair
  • Moloha by George Kypreos
  • Mother Nature's abstract art by CanDuCreations
  • Serpent of the Forest  by Rebecca Bryson
  • FOREST by Colm  Mullen
  • MacKenzie Falls  by harshcancerian
  • Forest at Kodaikanal. by nasera