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New Direction

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3622 posts

After some discussion with Richie and Alix, we would like some feedback from our members regarding a new direction with our group, “Spice it up a little”, so to speak!!! Are you ready for a new challenge? We are going to make you work harder, to dig deep and find that awesome incredible artistic streak that we know you all have!!! We would like to head to a more Artistic direction, we want you to tap into your creative side even more to find shots that are unique, beautiful and artistic but still grungy. Beauty where at first glance there is ugliness. Images stimulating a first impression of abstract beauty and texture, but then upon reading the description a surprise of what it was taken from. Something that you yourself would be proud to print in gallery size and place on the wall in your own home. We think this will challenge you to improve your skills and techniques and your artistic eye. We’ll make no bones about it, we will be selective on what we accept into the group. We want our group to show “Beautiful unique images, found in old and grungy places” So our question is …….are you up for the challenge? We don’t want a series of similar shots, just the best one from the series……resulting in a very unique, creative and artistic group. Post production will be limited to contrast, lighting and white balance without colour saturation. The descripton box or tag words must indicate the subjects materials, metal, wood, rust, mould, paint etc which will help with moderating. Must be macro or close-up enough so it doesn’t reveal what it was taken from. You won’t find any nuts and bolts here, plain old peeling paint and rust won’t do…….so a delightful combination of textures, arty, painterly, stylish grunge discovered and found by you (not created by you)…..so what do you think…..lets take it up a notch or two, spice it up and challenge ourselves to an even higher level of our craft
Let us know what you think, your’re feedback is important!!!

Valerie Rosen Valerie Rosen 2062 posts

sounds great! up for the challenge! cheers, val :-)

Susana Weber Susana Weber 1441 posts

Hey, Kathie… and Alix and Mr R, too! I’m supportive of your changing the focus of the group to any way you want to take it! The hosts do the work, must wade through the submissions and ultimately decide what the group is all about. Personally, I’m totally ALL for that.

As a member submitting work, I just want to clearly know what is acceptable. Your description is about as detailed as possible and that is great… but, we’re a visual medium and maybe the best way to tell us what you want is to show us. Can you give us some examples, here in this thread, of what you are looking for? And… maybe some of what your not looking for any longer?

If there’s a problem with showing favoritism with one artist’s work over another, then pick one artist who has both acceptable and unexceptable images in the group… or in their folio… and post them as examples of both ends of the spectrum. Heck, feel free to use mine!! I don’t care at all if you use any of them as examples of YES or NO… too much… too little… not close enough… too simple… not simple enough… etc.

That’s my 2 cents, for what it’s worth! I really admire this group and will continue wherever you take us! Thanks for all your encouragement and support!! Cheers, hosts!!


© Jolie  Buchanan © Jolie Buchanan 238 posts

a most invigorating challenge kathie

Rick Jamison Rick Jamison 10 posts

I couldn’t agree more these changes in direction. There are several groups devoted to chipped paint and rust and as a member of several of them, I’m glad to have a place to put my rusty, crusty images. Definitely up for the challenge. Rick

Karen  Betts Karen Betts 3335 posts

Im happy for the challenge ahead, afraid i have not been able to add much recently but may get my creative juices flowing and homing my eyes better.
@ As the Helmetheads request for a image or images to guide us I would find that helpful as i work better visually and we all read things differntly and then translate that into oh you mean this whern it might of meant that. Thank you for the great job you all do. : )

wwyz wwyz 216 posts

I think that will be a great direction that will segregate the group further from similar ones and force us to hone our skills in camera. I agree that some examples would be helpful to get us on the right path.

Catherine Fenner Catherine Fenner 62 posts

There are so many groups of such similar requirements that it would be great for a distinctively different one with clear criteria. Think of us going down the list of groups and trying to remember to which group we should submit. A clear challenge is always welcomed for a truly creative artist.

Haydee  Yordan Haydee Yordan 26 posts

I am in for the challenge! We should all work towards more artistic expression. If art is ultimately defined by the feelings of the artist… how would you measure this? Nevertheless, this is a universal philosophical question which in no way should undermine our artistic endeavour. Count me in… I am in for a few steps of intense work. Great! Haydee

Lynne Prestebak Lynne Prestebak 963 posts

Sounds great to me! New directions can be fun…


Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3622 posts

Some fabulous feedback so far everyone, if you haven’t left feedback yet…please do. As Susana has suggested…..I’ll use some of her images as examples as well as some of mine too of what not to submit…..So these first ones are great, they have textures, definitely abstract, not sure at first what it is taken from until taking a closer look, possibly some photoshop processing eg contrast, lighting or white balance which is OK

This one is good, although you can see a nail, its been artistically used and at first view its not obvious until you take a closer look:

These ones are probably too obvious of what they are taken from, macro and man-made, abstract yes, good composition and clarity but not quite what we are looking for.

This one of Susana’s would meet the current guidelines but perphaps not the new direction we would like to take:

This older one of mine, not good, man made yes, macro yes, creative perhaps but purposely created by hand not found accidental macro art!

Another older one of mine, no good either, concrete path, macro, accidental scratches….but probably a little too plain :)

Hope this helps, if anyone else would like to volunteer for using their images for eg of what would suit and what wouldn’t, just post here :)

Looks like feedback is rather positive so far……so I’ll wait a few more days and see! Thanks all so far for your great feedback :)))

Susana Weber Susana Weber 1441 posts

Very helpful, Kathie!! I am getting a much better picture of where you’re going with the requirements. Thank you for doing that! I appreciate how much work it takes to search and post and comment!

And thanks for your offer to evaluate our images here. I’m sure many will take the opportunity.


Baska Baska 75 posts

I am little lost,I am new member,always love to explore new possibilities.I did not get the picture of what Kathie is looking for.However ,I am
supporting the IDEA.

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3622 posts

Hi Baska, thanks for your feedback, if you check out whats currently being accepted in the group, that should give you a good idea now. It may take a little time if you’re new to the group…..as we are a little different….if you have any questions, just let us know :)))

Karen  Betts Karen Betts 3335 posts

Thank you for showing us what way you are heading im getting the idea. Can I ask as I do not have a macro lens only a 18-105 vr it is hard to get really close is it okay to crop images into the interesting area I have captured, and as you state only slight tweaks in levels and not over processing. Thank Karen : )

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3622 posts

Hi Karen, yes thats fine, you can crop your images :)

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3622 posts

These ones of Alixandras are fabulous for our new direction

Beautiful as they are, too much post processing, the third one too clean not grungy enough need more texture so these ones not suitable:

Kathie Nichols Kathie Nichols 3622 posts

Some of Richies fabulous images that are great for the new direction:

The following ones not suitable, although artistic its easy to see what some of them are and some too nice and clean!

Andrew Bradsworth Andrew Bradsworth 136 posts

Many thanks for the examples, looking forward to the new challenge ahead :-)

danamh40 danamh40 1772 posts

Thank you for the visual requirements…that helps me a TON!! :o) I will kick it up a notch…or ten…and see what I come back with!

buttonpresser buttonpresser 1434 posts

Thanks Kathie,

Looks like fun.

Wish I had seen the thread earlier I’d definitely have volunteered my own work to be examined for & against either in the group or out.


capizzi capizzi 8 posts

The images posted say it all, change is good!

DebraLee Wiseberg DebraLee Wiseberg 775 posts

The new direction is interesting. I hope I get it right and if not…plse forgive me.


Catherine Davis Catherine Davis 4 posts

Beautiful examples, thanks for showing us them, they give a really good idea of the new direction!

Larry Lingard-Davis Larry Lingard-... 2518 posts

The PEG has been raised a notch…. Great to see.
The problem with a lot of the groups is that they are allowing even snapshots. This in turn lowers the artistic level, I think.
So to see things get a little more harder, means that we have to try a little harder.
Way to go …….. Bring it on.