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Abstract Macro Urban Art (Grunge Photography)) 2 PER 24 HOURS

Macro photographic textures & shapes found in Urban areas

  • The Village by Smaxi
  • The Wall- Part 1 by Tara  Turner
  • Little Miss Riding by richman
  • Rusted Panels by Virginia Maguire
  • Corrugated Corrosion by Jon Staniland
  • Sailor's Delight by DesignsByDeb
  • Painted Corrugations 3 by Martin How
  • Rusty Grange Drive by richman
  • Greenham Common Abstract by Catherine Hadler
  • rusty, crusty and falling to bits by g richard anderson
  • Painted Corrugations 2 by Martin How
  • Swirls From The Ages by JKKimball
  • Sapphire by Alixzandra
  • skippy sunset by Catherine Hadler
  • fire cracker by KreddibleTrout
  • Blue Movement by Marguerite Foxon
  • Landscape  by Jon Staniland
  • Rustic Bubbles by Dean Mullin