Abstract Art

Group Rules:

Group guidelines :

1) only add “non-figurative”, “non-objective” and “non-representational” work which completely fits this abstract definition : Art that does not depict objects in the natural world, but instead uses color and form in a non-representational way.

Examples of things that probably won’t fit (apart from very scarce exceptions) :
Abstract Realism, faces, landscapes (even imaginary sci-fi ones), sunsets, clouds, ripples in the water…

Photographers are welcome but making a blurred picture doesn’t make it abstract ! And just because your photo is manipulated in Photoshop doesn’t mean it qualifies.

See the group overview page for a list of similar groups where your picture may belong better.

2) don’t add add more than 1 or 2 pieces per day

3) don’t get upset if your work is not accepted.

If your work is not accepted in the gallery, you might not receive any explanation. But if you want to ask for one, bubblemail a group host.

Remember all the hosts are volunteers so play nice with them or don’t play.