Pure Abstract Group (Photography and Traditional Paintings) 2 Per 24hours

ABSTRACT ART: Art that does not depict objects in the natural world, but instead uses color and form in a non-representational way..

Recent Work

  • WATERDROPS II by PimpinellaArt
  • Traveling Light by Alan Taylor Jeffries
  • Pink triangles by DariaNK
  • We are one at the root by crystalline
  • WATERDROP III by PimpinellaArt
  • WATERGAMES II by PimpinellaArt
  • Unspoken Revelations by Tilewaves
  • Siren by Tilewaves
  • Green Abstract by angelandspot
  • Breakthrough by Enoeda
  • Knowledge by Tilewaves
  • A Winter Journal... by ©Janis Zroback

About This Group

PURE ABSTRACT is a showcase for abstract art created by hand or photography.
Our aim is to present the world with some of the best abstract art available!
We accept work from artists and photographers.

We do not accept computer generated art, manipulated layered photography, digital art, fractal art, abstract realism, impressions, flower close ups, avant garde art or blurred or out of focus photography!
We also don’t accept photoshop generated work. What we do accept is abstract photography and hand-painted artwork in the form of works on canvas or paper..
Note: if the image has clearly recognizable elements in it, then it belongs in the abstract realism groups…this group is for pure abstract only…

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