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Cars on the street

This challenge closed 12 months ago.

The Challenge

for this challenge, show us cars on the streets or highways or any other paved roads. no dirt tracks.
photography only. no layers, montage or collage. no frame

if the picture don’t follow group or challenge rules, it will be removed without any notice

Judging / Voting Criteria

vote for all your favorites. vote for many

Rewards & Prizes

winner banner
top 10 banner
group announcement

Additional Information

no need to enter the picture in the group to participate. enter challenge straight

Cover Image: Inner City Suburb by Evita


The Top Ten

Traffic on Sixth Avenue by Mikell Herrick

Traffic on Sixth Avenue by Mikell Herrick was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 12 votes.

  • On The Road Again by Otto Danby II
  • Banque Solfea by cullodenmist
  • "BHRR"!!!  (Appropriate Plate) by Laurie Minor
  • Ocean Drive Miami by Fern Blacker
  • Neon Perspective by jlv-
  • Rainy Highway by WildestArt
  • 52 Caddy by barkeypf
  • VB Runner by Werner Padarin
  • Je t'aime Paris! by João Figueiredo

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