A Vision Of Flight Photography

From jets, airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, hang gliders to birds, kites, and insects, this group is for you! Just make sure the subject in your captures is In Flight!

Flying Close to Water

This challenge closed over 4 years ago.

The Challenge

As the title says, and the avatar example demonstrates. Not just landing or taking off, please (though these will be accepted).

  1. Water must be visible in the shot
  2. The subject must be in flight

  1. NEW work, please – no previous winners.

Please note: group rules apply (they have been recently edited to make them clearer, please take a look)


  1. As close to straight out of the camera as possible please.
  2. No composites at all. No superimposed images. This is the Vision of Flight Photography challenge group, NOT the Vision of Flight PhotoShop challenge group. Thanks!
  1. WORK THAT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A PHOTOGRAPH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, even if it originally started as a photograph!!
  1. no writing on the images, this is still a photography challenge group, keep images with added writing on them out of this, thank you (unless, of course, the writing is part of the subject)

Additional examples

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote for your favourite(s) that fit the theme, as many as they are. Every vote counts!

Rewards & Prizes

  1. Bragging rights
  2. Banners for top ten photos
  3. Features for the Top 10 and 2 host choices (or as many from the top 10 that are in the group, plus the remaining places as ‘hosts’ choices’).

Additional Information

  1. Please remember this is the “Vision of Flight photography” challenge group :-) (not the Vision of Flight Photoshop group!)
  1. Works not added to the group cannot be featured when they end in the top 10 (‘computer says NO’). Adding to the group once the challenge is over will be too late. Please add your work to the group as you add it to the challenge! :-)

Cover Image: ...One Lucky Fish by Gene Walls


The Top Ten

Black skimmer with reflction by jozi1

Black skimmer with reflction by jozi1 was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 4 votes.

  • Reflection by Ian Berry
  • One step at a time by Daniel  Parent
  • Skimmer Feeding Nice and Close by TJ Baccari Photography
  • Winged Echo by Janet Fikar
  • Fully loaded. L.A. County fire helicopter fill water at Lauro Reservoir in Santa Barbara, CA in an effort to extinquish the Tea Fire by Eyal Nahmias
  • Stormy weather by Alan Mattison
  • Pelican Water Take Off by DARRIN ALDRIDGE
  • Cormorants  Skimming the Waves off Inishmore by George Row
  • Surfing Bird by Steve Hunter

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