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March 2013 Permanent Feature Gallery

Evita Evita 15764 posts

Hello everyone…

For the month of Mach we have selected 36 stunnning works for you to enjoy….
Do join us in congratulation the artists… all mages are clik-able… they will take you the artist’s page.


by phil decocco

The Palouse
by Sally Griffin

Have You Missed Me?
by trish725

Abandoned Wagon • South Australia
by William Bullimore

Pink moon
by Dominika Aniola

by TeresaB

Lightning Fast
by JohnDSmith

Moving On
by Arfan Habib

The Thinker
by Cliffyj

Thirsty Grass…
by Qnita

Stairway to the Past..
by tracielouise

sleepy fox
by brett watson

Waiting On The Wind
by Jim Wilson

Farewell Emerald City
by billfox256

by buddybetsy

Mists of time…
by Valerie Anne Kelly

by Patricia Jacobs CPAGB

My Daddy
by Susan Bergstrom

I'm sitting!
by Lyn Darlington

the cold light of truth
by Maree Cardinale

St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne, Australia
by Margaret Morgan

A White Dress In The Nursery
by Patricia Jacobs CPAGB

Little Blue eyes
by Carla Jensen

Flower of Crab-apple
by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

The Splendid Sunbird
by Hovis

Holden Maloo The New El Camino
by ChasSinklier

by Magaret Meintjes

A Girl with oranges
by Dominika Aniola

Dance Ballerina
by Sandra Fortier

Floral Beauty
by Jitesh Chauhan

Villa on Lake Como
by Karen E Camilleri

Blame the Sock Monster!
by Dianne Ilka

An Oriental Feel
by Sea-Change

The Gallery
by julie08

Veiled Beauty
by Astrid Ewing Photography

Young Gorilla
by Natasha Crofts


Evita Evita 15764 posts

Congratulations to all artists featured today !!!!!!!!!

Hovis Hovis 356 posts

Great collection,congrats to all,Feel honoured to be included amoungst fine work,cheers :))))))))))))))))

✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 10188 posts

Congratulations to all nicely done and presened by all Nice viewing and selections hugs

Susan  Bergstrom Susan Bergstrom 544 posts

Thank you for selecting my work “My Daddy” for this Wonderful Honor…

Sally Griffin Sally Griffin 3728 posts

so appreciate being featured today! thank yo very much and congrats to all!!!

JohnDSmith JohnDSmith 3311 posts

So very pleased to be featured here,…..THANK YOU !
Congratulation to all,….

phil decocco phil decocco 818 posts

thanks much for this feature. Happy and proud to be among such fine images and artists!

Maree Cardinale Maree Cardinale 1798 posts

What a really amazing selection. Gee we have some great talent on RB!

Cliffyj Cliffyj 1 post

Congratulation to all fellow artists i am honoured to be amongst such talent

Valerie Anne Kelly Valerie Anne K... 625 posts

Congratz to all the wonderul Artists ;~} Valz ♥

Patricia Jacobs DPAGB LRPS BPE4 Patricia Jacob... 20 posts

Congratulation to all those featured, I am very pleased to have my work included.

trish725 trish725 4549 posts

Congratulations to all, fantastic work :-)

Many thanks for choosing one of mine for this honour :-)

Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography) Vicki Spindler... 7684 posts

Congratulations to all!!! :))))))))) x x x

Lyn Darlington Lyn Darlington 132 posts

Congratulations to all the featured artists! Thank you for choosing one of mine!

Magriet Meintjes Magriet Meintjes 3988 posts

Congratulastions to all on fabulous artworks and thank you so much for the honour to be part of it !

Arfan Habib Arfan Habib 216 posts

Congrats to all! I feel honored to be included. Thank you!

William Bullimore William Bullimore 18 posts

Thanks so much. Congratulations to everyone.

Anna Miarczynska Anna Miarczynska 301 posts

Congratulations everyone for their wonderful works.!!!!!! I am so honoured to be included. Thank you so much… :))))

Karen E Camilleri Karen E Camilleri 167 posts

Fabulous collection congrats to all, thrilled and honoured to be included !!

Sea-Change Sea-Change 242 posts

Thanks very much Evita, such an honour to be featured here with such talent :) Congratulations everybody !!

Qnita Qnita 5541 posts

Thank you for the feature!
Congratulations everyone!

Forfarlass Forfarlass 136 posts

A stunning selection of work. Anazing Talent. Congratulations to all Featured xx

Evita Evita 15764 posts

Hello everyone

We have 54 outstanding features..3 pages !!!!!… this time … do join us in congratulating the artists and their fabulous works.. all images are click-able and willt ake you to the artist’s page


by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

by tracielouise

South Australia Sunset
by William Bullimore

Time for Tulips
by Sally Griffin

by Dominika Aniola

Keeping it Together
by Ami Wilber-Mosher

2347-A River Sings but a Top Secret Remains
by George W Banks

Sunset in Simplicity
by Qnita

Tiny 'Shroom
by Tracy Friesen

The Nearest Thing To Dreams
by billfox256

Mahonia Berries
by Astrid Ewing Photography

On A Dark Stormy Night
by JohnDSmith

Jewels in the grass
by B. Randi Bailey

Renewed l
by Sally Griffin

by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon

I can see you!
by Lyn Darlington

by billfox256

Release Me
by Arfan Habib

Peace, peace… in your long night
by Maree Cardinale

Criss Cross Apple Sauce
by Marcelle Raphael

Designate A Driver
by pat gamwell

Snowy afternoon in New York City
by Alberto DeJesus

A Stag In The Snow
by Patricia Jacobs CPAGB

"APRIL" from "Calender Sheets"
by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

Weeping Willow
by KUJO-Photo

by Marcelle Raphael

by vic321

Bush Baby
by Susan Bergstrom

At The Close Of Day
by billfox256

Winter Tree
by trish725

Cold morning of winter at Paris
by rentedochan

In the Fluter of Wings-In the Silence of Thoughts
by Anna Ewa Miarczynska

Burning sky… #001
by Qnita

Kondalilla National Park
by Dianne Ilka

Please adopt me…
by autumnwind

Sunset After Snow
by Vicki Spindler

the sunset in the snow
by brett watson

World of Dreams
by Dragos Dumitrascu

Ubuntu Landscape
by edy4sure

by PatChristensen

Pulling In The Sun
by trueblvr

No 595 Bay St Toronto Canada
by Brian Carson

Snowy morning in Bronx, New York City
by Alberto DeJesus

Happy Mother's Day :-)
by katarina86

Red Morning
by Arfan Habib

Bringing Home The Babies #2
by Susan Bergstrom

The Tree of Life'…
by Valerie Anne Kelly

by Lyn Darlington

Look out below
by trish725

All That Glitters
by Tracy Friesen

A pot full of roses … Kilmore East, Victoria, Australia
by Margaret Morgan

by payomadrid

Cogs #2
by HolyOther

Orange Flower in the Evening Sun
by William Martin


Evita Evita 15764 posts

Congratulations to all artists … FABULOUS WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!