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(Family Safe, 2 per Day) A friendly group where you can ‘test the waters’. Show us your work before sharing it more widely with the RedBubble community. Group active April 2015.

September 2012 Permanent Feature Gallery

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 10118 posts

Please congratulate our artists for their featured works for September.
Each link is clickable so you can visit the images to see them full size.
Remember comments and favoriting are always appreciated.

This permanent feature gallery displays 54 works of of our group members.

Please check back soon. Under construction.

Autumn in the Trees
by Gayle Dolinger

Coming at Ya!
by Michael Haslam

Kettenkarussell München Oktoberfest
by �The Creative Minds Art & Photography

What big eyes you have..
by Prettyinpinks

Cactus Flower
by Stormey

Glimpse Of Winter
by Gene Praag

by Tracy Friesen

Rainy Day Sunset
by barnsis

What a Pair
by Jeanne Sheridan

My Love is too Music…
by Laura Hutton

Did I really just got wet?
by SimplyKlick

Late September Evening Tones and Light, Broken Scar Weir, River Tees
by Ian Alex Blease

Before the Dozers
by JohnDSmith

Through The Grass
by Vicki Spindler

by David Mellor

A Farmer's World
by Lea Weikert

Keys to Imagination
by Dragos Dumitrascu

Dolphin Mates
by Penny Smith

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 10118 posts

Indy all at sea.
by Michael Haslam

Feeding time
by Alberto DeJesus

by Albert

Sunrise Through Two Windows….As Is
by trueblvr

Soren's Journey
by Heather King

Dark Morning
by Justin Atkins

Indy at the sunset
by Michael Haslam

The Elizabeth II
by Lea Weikert

Rabbit Hash Ballet
by Jeanne Sheridan

Above Rubies
by Suzanne Carter

Almost there!
by Mauds

Indy: A Collie For All Seasons.
by Michael Haslam

BlacKat MasKat
by Hermione Black

Don't listen…
by Sea-Change

The Forest's King
by Anne Thigpen

Butterfly blue
by Dominika Aniola

Zebra…one of my favs!
by Elizabeth Kendall

Apocalypse Now
by Dragos Dumitrascu

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 10118 posts

Magnolia in Spring
by Jola Martysz

Psychedelic Tree of Life
by Dragos Dumitrascu

When The Tide Goes Out
by Arfan Habib

A Child's Joy
by George Lenz

you just need to be brave
by Riko2us

Colouring pencils.. simplicity to a child
by Prettyinpinks

Lily In Natural Light
by trueblvr

pier zone
by Hermione Black

by Laura Hutton

Sail Away
by ElsieBell

A Whale Of a Time
by Margaret Stevens

iPhone I love you…
by Qnita

Jumped In
by Marcelle Raphael

i can't be bothered
by perggals

A vase of Sunflowers'…
by Valerie Anne Kelly

Peace on earth !
by jozi1

Evening Sky Reflections
by karina5

A Rose
by WeeZie

Congratulations to all our featured artists!

Jeanne Sheridan Jeanne Sheridan 327 posts

Awesome selections!

Alberto  DeJesus Alberto DeJesus 227 posts

Thank you and congratulations to all. Its an honour to be included with a group of such fine work!

JohnDSmith JohnDSmith 3012 posts

Well,…So pleased to be on this awesome feature page,…….THANK YOU !
Congratulation to everyone else,……

barnsis barnsis 534 posts

Thank you so very much for including my work with so many great image, I am truly honored.

Diane Arndt Diane Arndt 1915 posts

There is some beautiful work here…All very very talented artists…Congratulations everybody

Diane Arndt Diane Arndt 1915 posts

There is some beautiful work here…All very very talented artists…Congratulations everybody

Jola Martysz Jola Martysz 172 posts

Great collection, congratulation to everybody ! Thank you for my feature, I’m very honoured.

Dragos Dumitrascu Dragos Dumitrascu 26 posts

Thank you very much for the triple invitation!
September seems so rich with all this wonderful creations.. compliments to the other artists!

Margaret Stevens Margaret Stevens 1205 posts

Thank you very much for the feature! Congrats to all the other artists. I’m proud to have my work displayed among such great work!

Penny Smith Penny Smith 210 posts

Thanks so much for the permanent feature, it’s great to be amongst such talented photographers, well done everyone :)

Marcelle Raphael ©Fine Art Newborns Marcelle Rapha... 2331 posts

Thank you so much for including one of my works in the permanent feature gallery!! That is awesome!

And, congratulations to every! Beautiful works, all!

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2575 posts

Congrats to ALL!! Lovely work! And thanks very much for including my art here!

Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography) Vicki Spindler... 7468 posts

WOW congratulations to all!!! Thank you so much for including one of mine!!! :))))))))))))) x x x

Sea-Change Sea-Change 272 posts

Congratulations to all the featured artists – wonderful work !! And thankyou so much for including one of mine here as well :)

Prettyinpinks Prettyinpinks 1146 posts

Congratulations to everyone featured! Some really nice pieces up there! ;-)

Evita Evita 15361 posts

Super selections Corri… Beautiful works… Congratulations to all artists featured !!!! ☺♥

WeeZie WeeZie 439 posts

Proud to be among such an awesome group. Congrats to all and thanks for including one of my works.

Qnita Qnita 5681 posts

Congratulations everyone! Stunning works here!
Thank you for my feature Corri!

Sally Griffin Sally Griffin 3743 posts

Very nice selections. Congratulations to everyone!!!!!!! What a delightful for the eyes!