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A Place to Start--The Place to Be

(Family Safe, 2 per Day) A friendly group where you can ‘test the waters’. Show us your work before sharing it more widely with the RedBubble community. Group active April 2015.

Features January 7, 2011: Kittens, Cats and Big Cats

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 10072 posts

Features for the evening of January 7, 2011, include “Kittens, Cats and Big Cats.” Each image is a clickable link, so please stop by and congratulate all the featured artists. Remember commenting and favoriting are always welcomed.

Please help me hold the tree up!
by jozi1

by amilka

Kitty Portrait (Sepia)
by Dragos Dumitrascu

Little Matata
by Justin Atkins

Sleepy Kitty
by James Heyes

Couch Coon
by Spadecaller

My Sassy Girl
by Rozalia Toth

I’m So Cute And Innocent
by Jean Watts

Snoozing Coon Kitten
by Spadecaller

by Justin Atkins

Sassy Girl
by Rozalia Toth

King of the beast
by Ted Petrovits

Feline Fall
by artymelanie

a cat
by Efi Gousi

Gizmo Grown Up
by Carol Sawyer

Lion cubs.
by Michael Haslam

The Mighty Hunter
by mojo1160

The Talented Mr. Ripley
by mojo1160

Staring contest with the cat
by Joanne Plimmer

Thoughtful cat
by Joanne Plimmer

Cats’ whiskers are so sensitive they can find their way through the narrowest crack in a broken heart.
by farfulfernie

by Al Duke

top cat
by JohnHDodds

popeye&his spinich
by fazza

Lion grooming Lioness (animal life)
by alza

Meow….where are you mommy? : On Featured: A Place to Start Group
by Kornrawiee

Aloof II
by Al Duke

Hi, my name is Cico
by ianhar

Cico black&white
by ianhar

Please stop by and congratulate all the featured artists.

Evita Evita 15072 posts

So many beautiful kitties!!!!! Fabulous works congratulations to all featured artists!!!!
Fantastic choices Corri!!! ☺3

Corri Gryting Gutzman Corri Gryting ... 10072 posts

Aren’t they adorable?
Congrats again to all the artists.