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Pictures with the WOW Factor

Group Rules:

This is a Photography Group. We want to see what you saw when you took the picture.

HDR is accepted
signatures that are not distracting are ok.

What will not be accepted are Collages, Framed images, Textures, Text on images, Selective Coloring, Photo Manipulations, Abstracts or Paintings. Framed images meaning: Any frames that are put on using some photo editing program are not allowed.
weapons, violence, gore, dark, animal kill, nudity or sensuality are not accepted. This group is a family group.

Great quality required
Ask yourself, “Would I hang this on a wall in my house?”
If your submission is not accepted, please don’t surrender and keep submiting images with high quality.

Rejections can mean:
- not appealing image
- visible dusts
- not straight horizon
- white is not white but grey
- exagerated post production
- something is distracting
- bad composition
- sharpness is not good
- burned sky

Per day limit is 2.

Thank you and most of all have fun.