Pictures with the WOW Factor! (3 per day)

Group Rules:

This is a Photography Group. We want to see what you saw when you took the picture. HDR work is accepted.
Cropping and light enhancements are also accepted. What will not be accepted are Collages, Framed images, Textures, Text on images, Selective Coloring, Photo Manipulations, Abstracts or Paintings. Framed images meaning: Any frames that are put on using some photo editing program like Photoshop, PhotoImpact Pro, Paint Shop, etc. are not allowed, but the frames from BedBubble are allowed.
If your are not sure about your image you can always b-mail a host and they can help you with it. The easiest way to answer your own question is to ask yourself, “Would I hang this on a wall in my house?”
Regular Redbubble guidelines apply.
Please limit the number of your images you enter into the group to 1-2 or 3 of your very best images per day!
Hosts reserve the right to remove any work without explanation to keep the pages filtered and true to the group ideals.
Thank you and most of all have fun.