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Pictures with the WOW Factor! (3 per day)

All photographers say - 'we just take pictures' & that's where the group name came from. We added the *WOW* factor because that's what your photo will need to be in order to be accepted.

  • Inscrutible by Carl Olsen
  • Dusky Robin by Steve Bass
  • Shallow water by collpics
  • Autumn Afternoon. by Warren  Patten
  • Boston colors by BradKphoto
  • Goldfinch by photosbyjoe
  • A smile upon my face.... by Bob Daalder
  • Waiting For Spring by Kathy Weaver
  • First Light by Jeanie
  • She Sells Sea Shells by quiltmaker
  • Canal Fishing by Husky
  • Notre Dame - Paris by Robyn Carter
  • Cowichan Valley by AnnDixon
  • From where to where.....? by Adri  Padmos
  • Hubberholme In Upper Wharfedale by SteveMG
  • Arid Waters by doubleheader
  • Snowy morning in Bronx, New York City  by Alberto  DeJesus
  • The beak makes the bird by steppeland