Pictures with the WOW Factor! (3 per day)

All photographers say - 'we just take pictures' & that's where the group name came from. We added the *WOW* factor because that's what your photo will need to be in order to be accepted.

The letter "T" challenge.

This challenge closed almost 4 years ago.

The Challenge

Post a picture with a subject that begins with the letter “T”.
Tadpoles, taffy, Tahoe, trail, tailor, takeoff, takeout, tall, tambourine, tandem, tap dance, tarantula, target, tarpon, tattoo, tavern, taxi, teacher, team, teddy bear, tee shirt, telephone, Tennessee, tennis, tepee.
Well you get the idea. (Would like to see it in the title of the image, easier to see then if its in the description).
Good luck to all who enter. Have fun and be as creative as you like!!!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for the photo(s) that you like the best.

Rewards & Prizes

Top 10 winners will have bragging rights, joy and happiness! And a banner put on the page of your winning entry.

Additional Information

PLEASE make sure that your entry belongs to the group. If your entry doesn’t belong to the group it will be removed from the challenge and you will forfeit your win.
Thanks and have fun

Cover Image: The District Trolley Company by RichardKlos


The Top Ten

THE GREAT TIT (Parus major) by Johan  Nijenhuis

THE GREAT TIT (Parus major) by Johan Nijenhuis was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 6 votes.

  • The Twilight Tree - Victoria Point Qld Australia by Beth  Wode
  • I’m sorry, did you say smile? by Mark Hughes
  • Tiarella - By The Red Barn Door by T.J. Martin
  • Baby Teeth by TeresaB
  • The End of the World Train by Lucinda Walter
  • Night Tiger by Hank Eder
  • Siberian brothers by Alan Mattison
  • Kyiv - Odesa Express by AJM Photography
  • Astoria Trolley by Leon Heyns

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