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Pictures with the WOW Factor! (3 per day)

All photographers say - 'we just take pictures' & that's where the group name came from. We added the *WOW* factor because that's what your photo will need to be in order to be accepted.

Recent Work

  • For The Future & The Distance ..... by Sharon House
  • Bloodless Coup by Ken Haley
  • Portrait of Autumn by Lanis Rossi
  • Ted On the Falls Road: Belfast by Ted Byrne
  • Sunset at St Kilda Pier by collpics
  • Been Kind Of Crabby And Out Of Sorts Lately by trueblvr
  • Holiday by Luke Stevens
  • Tree Lines by Eric Glaser
  • Daisy Portrait by Ian English
  • Is Spring Trying o Spring? by MaeBelle
  • Tall Timber by Ian English
  • Glowing Gold Eiffel by Michael Matthews

About This Group

We would like this to be a diversified group of a variety of photographs and photographers. We also understand that we are all at a different place in our “photography journey” but, we do only want your best! Please only submit your work if you think “WOW”, this is a stunner or it is such a different image. It needs to have that “WOW” factor! :) If we reject the work, we will do our best to let you know why and please consider that information as constructive feedback to learn by…:)
We want to see what you saw through the camera lens.

See the group rules and join this group here

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