A Meaningful Moment- NO BORDERS, NO TEXT, NO ABSTACTS!!!!

Group Rules:

WELCOME to A Meaningful Moment!


- Image MUST be of HIGH QUALITY with the “WOW” factor.
-this is a group that prefers photography, but post processing and photoshopping will be allowed so long as it is not too far removed from the original image. drawings, paintings,digital works will be case by case, so please don’t be offended if your work is removed

-images with text or borders will be removed

-no abstracts.

keep it tasteful porn isn’t art, and we won’t put up with it
keep it respectful political messages are fine, if you accept that not everyone thinks like you. same goes for religion.
keep it intelligent if you look at your work and then look at the work here and think it isn’t going to fit, but submit it anyway, you may find yourself no longer being a member…