A Little Bit of Color

Group Rules:

This group will only accept photos that have been converted to B&W (not sepia) and then manipulated to allow a small portion of the image to show color, i.e. selective color.

No other form of work will be accepted.

- Photography only
- Photo must be converted to a B&W image with only a small portion retaining full color.

- No Text or Frames on Images
- Make sure the selectively colored portion is visible in the thumbnail of your images and has sufficient contrast and color.
- No T-shirts
- No stickers
- No iPhone cases
- No hand-drawn or computer generated drawing, sketches or paintings
- No Writings
- No Journals
- No full color images!
- No naturally occurring monochromatic images with a strong colorful element. Photo must be converted to B&W.
- No full colored Flowers on black backgrounds
- No silhouette photos unless they have been converted to black & white and retained a small portion of color
- No full or partial nudity

We do not accept images in card, prints or iphone case views, only the original image only (default) view is considered as acceptable.

Please note:
By submitting your images to the group, please be aware that they may be used within the group for features, avatar, challenge images, showcases of featured members and promotion of your work on the overview page.

Hosts reserve the right to reject images/remove images without explanation that we feel are not suitable for the group, If your image has been rejected before, please do not resubmit it.

You must be a group member to enter challenges and the image submitted must have been accepted into the group. If not, the work will be removed without notice. If the winning image does not belong to the group, the winner will forfeit his/her win and the runner-up will become the winner.