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"Tone It Down"! (3/day - No [EXPLETIVE] color allowed!)

This is a group for Sepia and black and white works only! No color is allowed!


  • catwoman by arekarek74
  • Vintage Daisy by Maria Dryfhout
  • The fox and the Hounds! by oulgundog
  • Contemplation by liamcarroll
  • Calm Waters II by Jeanie
  • Winter snow dream way  by Francesco Malpensi
  • Watching by Mary Ann Reilly
  • Black and White world by seawhisper
  • Last Call by Peter Denness
  • Dans le faisceau by Peter Denniston
  • Mangrove by Caroline Gorka
  • Sunburn by Philip Werner
  • Broken... by Berns
  • Row, row, row, your Boat by ienemien
  • Inside the Cathedral of Toledo by Elana Bailey
  • Mystic Lake  by Karen E Camilleri
  • Heart of the City by Wendi Donaldson Laird
  •  Stands Like A Tree by Anne  McGinn