"Tone It Down"! (3/day - No [EXPLETIVE] color allowed!)

This is a group for Sepia and black and white works only! No color is allowed!


  • Three Pillars - Hangzhou China by Norman Repacholi
  • Clouds No.11 by JMChown
  • Strong And True by timpr
  • Clouds No.12 by JMChown
  • Scoot off to Work by Clare Colins
  • It's Seen Better Days by Stephen Knowles
  • Shoreline. by Paul Pasco
  • The arrival of hope by Heather King
  • The Spire, St.Wulfram's Church Church, Grantham, England by Ray Clarke
  • Dark Beauty by Chanel70
  • THEO by googoo
  • Halloween Pumpkins by CarolM
  • Calligraphy by the lake - Hangzhou, China by Norman Repacholi
  • cistercian by dawn m. armfield
  • Twisted by Paul Pasco
  • Functional Arch - Hungzhou, China by Norman Repacholi
  • Shine Bright Like a Lighthouse by Terri~Lynn Bealle