"Tone It Down"! (3/day - No [EXPLETIVE] color allowed!)

This is a group for Sepia and black and white works only! No color is allowed!

  • The Dreamer by Clare Colins
  • Bored, But It's Better Than Being In Class by Vince Russell
  • Contemplation by athex
  • Waiting for the answer in the universe by clickinhistory
  • The Journey Home by Enivea
  • Seasoned Travellers by Karen E Camilleri
  • The Storr by Peter Gallagher
  • Scraping Past by Citizen
  • Lunchtime Soccer! by heatherfriedman
  • Two Cute Together! by heatherfriedman
  • sheltered by dawn m. armfield
  • Smile ;) by ©The Creative  Minds
  • Daydreaming by Karen E Camilleri
  • Just a blur by Jocelyn  Parry-Jones
  • I Can Barely Remember by Laurie Search
  • Lazy Afternoon by micklyn
  • Lovable by patcheah
  • The Longing by SunseekerPix