"Tone It Down"! (3/day - No [EXPLETIVE] color allowed!)

This is a group for Sepia and black and white works only! No color is allowed!

Recent Work

  • Alva Glen by Jeremy Lavender Photography
  • Taste The Metal by SexyEyes69
  • NYC-Madonna and Child on the train to Grand Central by James Lewis Hamilton
  • A Moody Day At Coverack, Cornwall by Mike Honour
  • Over You by SunseekerPix
  • The Shining Levels II by EvilTwin
  • Pins and needle. by Paul Pasco
  • It's been a long day by Maggie Hegarty
  • Textures by SexyEyes69
  • An image of an image - Senso-ji, Tokyo, Japan by Norman Repacholi
  • A shoulder to lean on by David  Hibberd
  • Stoogey by Jeffrey  Sinnock

About This Group

A group dedicated ONLY to SEPIA and BLACK & WHITE works. NO COLOR IS ACCEPTED. This group was built to showcase the beauty in sepia and black and white photography & Art.

Please limit your submissions to 3 per day.

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Membership of the group is by invite only.