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Recent Work

  • All babies are cute by Graeme M
  • Stealthy by Otto Danby II
  • Prowling with the Kit lens 2 by Otto Danby II
  • Whip Tail scorpion -   Napo River - Amazon  Ecuador by john  Lenagan
  • Monarch Aura by Otto Danby II
  • Paper Kite Butterfly by Roger Passman
  • All Hands on Deck by Otto Danby II
  • False Alarm by Otto Danby II
  • First Things First by Otto Danby II
  • A couple a magic moths - stinging Lichen moth and the Straw-bordered Rosema   - Napo - Ecuador by john  Lenagan
  • Elissa Page  (Metamorpha elissa )  - Napo - Ecuador by john  Lenagan
  • Coolie Butterfly  (Anartia amathea)   -  Napo River Ecuador by john  Lenagan

About This Group

Please share your photos of bugs and insects.

Rules: Updated 4-26-11
1) Photos only
2) No humans or animals.

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