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A group for bugs and insects...

Recent Work

  • Odonata by Lanis Rossi
  • Me and my shadow by ienemien
  • Grasshopper on common teasle by ©The Creative  Minds
  • The Doris by Martha Medford
  • Flesh Fly by JayWolfImages
  • Just Bee-ing Me by JayWolfImages
  • Green Fly on Blackberry by ©The Creative  Minds
  • Hoverflies Head by relayer51
  • The Crop by CBoyle
  • Balancing Act by Scott Mitchell
  • Sloe Bug at a Stretch / Dolycoris baccarum by relayer51
  • Frangipani with Beetle  by Margaret Stanton

About This Group

Please share your photos of bugs and insects.

Rules: Updated 4-26-11
1) Photos only
2) No humans or animals.

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