60's GLORY

anything celebrating the life + times of the children of the revolution

Recent Work

  • Scarborough by CrismanArt
  • Trout Pond Noyac by Rick Gold
  • The Swamp by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • Aelita, Princess of Mars by Krolikowski Art
  • TEAM by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • The Berserker by avbtp
  • sun & moon by designsalive
  • Free Bear Hugs by avbtp
  • Venus by Krolikowski Art
  • Fish Town by Krolikowski Art
  • Railroad by Krolikowski Art
  • Gas Mask Boy by Krolikowski Art

About This Group

Bring on that rebellion and noncompliant urge to over throw the status quo and create resistance to the mainstream predictability of ordinary mundane non-thinking. To break the anaesthetic of lethargic forces and step out into the risk and invigorating effort of attempting to work life anew as art+music. To intimidate the invincibility of ignorance to hopefully precipitate new life and life giving energy.
Also to capture that essence of Free Spiritedness and to Celebrate the 60’s ignition of this way of living and thinking as a lifestyle. it was also a time of great change . The Vietnam war , peace marches , free love and not to forget the racial changes that were coming to a head in America . Thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King and many others.

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