50+ High Quallity images of people 50+ years of age

Group Rules:

  1. Photographers who persistently submit images which are patently not in accordance with the rules … will be deleted from the group.
  1. High Quality Photographs only (NOT your mindless Snapshots). The quality of the photographs permitted on this group is going to be improved.
  1. No HDRs or obviously phototshop engineered images
  1. No national flags or war memorials / ceremonies / religious or political themes/agendas
  1. The person(s) being photographed should be the main subject of focus, and should take up a good portion of the composition.
  1. All people photographed MUST be 50 years of age or older. if there is any doubt the image will not be accepted.

#No more than two(2) works per artist per day

  1. Best work. Work you are proud to show.
  1. Moderator approval is final
  1. Follow RB terms and guidelines