3D Animals Abound

ONLY artwork with animals as the main subject matter and rendered using 3D programs (ie; Vue, Poser, Daz Studio, Maya, Max or other 3D programs) will be accepted. No Photography and 2D Created Artwork (ie; made with Photoshop) will be accepted.

Recent Work

  • Two Squirrels by Walter Colvin
  • Turkey Crossing by Walter Colvin
  • Buffalo Scouts by Walter Colvin
  • Saguaro Nest by Ken Gilliland
  • Gorilla and the Moth by Ken Gilliland
  • Colorful Pond with flowers and birds by Walter Colvin
  • Kiwi Burrow by Ken Gilliland
  • Family of Deer by Walter Colvin
  • Sunset Deer Pond by Walter Colvin
  • Buck Blacktail Deer by Walter Colvin
  • Deer by Walter Colvin
  • Cat Fish by Nicholas Ely

About This Group

NO PHOTOS, NO MANIPULATIONS VIA PHOTOSHOP, OR ANY COLLAGE WORK IS NOT EXCEPTABLE IN THIS GROUP. ONLY Artwork done using Poser, Bryce, Daz Studios, Maya, Terragen, Max, XFrog and similiar programs are acceptable, and some minor postwork is acceptable. In other words scenes must contain meshes or models. No straight photography or 2D artwork will be permitted. This group is especially designed for those of us that really dedicate ourselves to working with animals in our art. Here we will only feature animals in our 3D renders People are NOW permitted but the emphasis should be on the animal or the forefront of the image PLEASE!!
Animals great & small, real or created so long as its recognized as a creature not a human form. “Animal” means anything: birds, land animals, sea animals, insects, dino’s, alien creatures too. Just remember to make it worth a WOW factor for all of us to enjoy!!

Please abide by this group’s guidelines:

1) Only 5 images daily permitted max. per artist

2) UPDATED People are NOW permitted but the emphasis should be on the animal or the forefront of the image PLEASE!!

3) You must state which program you used to create your art in your description for verification.

4) Don’t critique an art piece unless explicitly stated by the artist that they want critique.

5) NO photographs, paintings, drawings or mixed media is permitted in this group only rendered images are permitted.

6) Any images not following the guidelines will automatically be removed without notification.

7) Any questions/suggestions, Bubblemail me.

Let the ANIMAL WORLD ABOUND AND THRIVE here in this group!

FEATURED ARTIST for October/November 2009 and Our newest Avatar winner is:
Ken Gilliland

For his image: Sandhill Crane Stopover

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