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300+ Go Long! (Limit 2/Day)

Masters of the Telephoto

Recent Work

  • Out of the shadows by Heather King
  • Rainbow Lorikeet In Our Back Yard. Brisbane, Qld, Australia. by Ralph de Zilva
  • Why the Tui bears the mark of the coward........! by Roy  Massicks
  • Blue Tit, Yellow Branch by CBoyle
  • Yellow Rat Snake by imagetj
  • UP CLOSE and BEAUTIFUL by Marilyn Grimble
  • On wings of light by Linda Sparks
  • 2015 WEC Porsche Team No 17 (2) by Willie Jackson
  • 2015 WEC Porsche Team No 17 (1) by Willie Jackson
  • Doc Span @ Jazz & Blues Festival, Australia by muz2142
  • Harvard - Climbing Banked @ Temora 2008 by muz2142
  • God Save The Queen - Jack Jones, Australia 2008 by muz2142

About This Group

This site will be dedicated to those who shoot with telephoto lenses 300 millimeters or larger. Zooms are OK as long as the reach or exceed 300mm. We will encourage the use of imagination – just so the picture is not of poor quality – blown highlights or the like. Wildlife is fine, but what else do you do with that big guy?

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