300+ Go Long! (Limit 2/Day)

Masters of the Telephoto

Recent Work

  • Great Blue Heron by Heron-Images
  • The one eyed Tui..........! by Roy  Massicks
  • Red Tailed Hawk by imagetj
  • Wanna come up for an acorn latte? by MoreKeala
  • Gravity Smavity by MoreKeala
  • Sweet Nectar!! by jozi1
  • Bull in Rut by Jim Cumming
  • Painted Bunting by Rob Lavoie
  • Great Egret with young by Rob Lavoie
  • Amongst The Daisies by CBoyle
  • Square Tailed Kite by wayne51
  • Plumed Whistling Duck by wayne51

About This Group

This site will be dedicated to those who shoot with telephoto lenses 300 millimeters or larger. Zooms are OK as long as the reach or exceed 300mm. We will encourage the use of imagination – just so the picture is not of poor quality – blown highlights or the like. Wildlife is fine, but what else do you do with that big guy?

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