2025 *5 Per Day*

A Group For Aspiring Young Adult Artists To Come Together, Express Themselves And Their Unique-Artistic Talents.


  • El Dorado II by James McKenzie
  • Portal To The Abyss by John Velocci
  • Boho Spring by Ashlee Hawksworth
  • Pastel Queen by Ashlee Hawksworth
  • Love tea by Destiny Nowicki
  • happy hyena by Destiny Nowicki
  • Collingwood by John Velocci
  • Cattail by John Velocci
  • Tribal Gorilla by James McKenzie
  • Koffee by AlexMathews
  • Onward and Upward by John Velocci
  • Great Library of Palanthas by John Velocci
  • Twilight Track by James McKenzie
  • Jacaranda Stars by Penny Kittel
  • Toronto Skywalk 5 by John Velocci
  • Knox by John Velocci
  • Butterfly 2 by jamesataylor
  • The Breach by James McKenzie