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1st Knight

This group is aimed to be medieval. All about Medieval Times: Knights and Knight's Codex. Recover old honour and glory and bring it back to life and bring it back in your art works.


  • Chateau de Chinon by hans p olsen
  • Balvenie Castle by hans p olsen
  • Eilean Donan in the Highlands by hans p olsen
  • Sorø Klosterkirke by hans p olsen
  • Edward The Confessor by Gabriel Forgottenangel
  • Chalice by Dave Godden
  • Rochester  by larry flewers
  • Founding of the Knights Templar by Darren Bailey LRPS
  • Admission to the order of Templar by Darren Bailey LRPS
  • The Last Stand by modquokka
  • Fragarach by Darren Bailey LRPS
  • Plague Doctor and Apparition by BurrowsImages
  • Repentance of a Templar by Darren Bailey LRPS
  • Atalanta by strawberries
  • Untitled by Samuel Vega
  • Ten Sixty Six by Darren Bailey LRPS
  • Chateau de Saumur by hans p olsen
  • Alcazar Gateway by wiggyofipswich