1st Knight

This group is aimed to be medieval. All about Medieval Times: Knights and Knight's Codex. Recover old honour and glory and bring it back to life and bring it back in your art works.


  • Magi's Assistant by Samuel Vega
  • Mystical Adventures (art & poetry) by Rhonda Strickland
  • Hever Castle by larry flewers
  • Valkyrie 2.0 by Maddy Storm
  • EDINBURGH CASTLE by hans p olsen
  • Celtic Reminders by Stuart  Fellowes
  • The path of the stars (Le chemin des étoiles) by PhilippeContal
  • Joak , Jamie an Millie 2 by joak
  • Soldier Of The God by Gabriel Forgottenangel
  • Battle Archers  by patjila
  • The Alchemist ....two by shadowlea
  • Templier ☩ Militum Xpisti ☩ by PhilippeContal
  • Quéribus castle (Château de Quéribus) by PhilippeContal
  • Out of time (Hors du temps) by PhilippeContal
  • Frozen afterglow (Rémanence figée) by PhilippeContal
  • Templiers.org ☩ by PhilippeContal
  • Counter Templar ☩ Comptoir des Templiers by PhilippeContal
  • Knight Templar praying ☩ Chevalier templier en prière by PhilippeContal