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1620 *5 Per Day*

A Group For Aspiring Young Artists To Come Together And Express Themselves And There Unique-Artistic Talents.


  • I don't do mornings by Destiny Nowicki
  • Night and day by Destiny Nowicki
  • Roe Deer by Jessica Loftus
  • Have More Epiphanies (Black) by Studio Momo╰༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽
  • Have More Epiphanies (Grey) by Studio Momo╰༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽
  • happy fox by Destiny Nowicki
  • Summer Answers by erikstandke
  • Olé! by Dulcina
  • fox on a cloud by Destiny Nowicki
  • Vivacious Garden by erikstandke
  • Rafa is back by Dulcina
  • Sun On Water by erikstandke
  • What If We Won by erikstandke
  • The Ninth of Nadal by Dulcina
  • Nadal scarf by Dulcina
  • tatatachán la Novena de Nadal by Dulcina
  • Nadal's Ninth by Dulcina
  • Rafa 9 times champion by Dulcina