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  • Jonice

    A Funny Yam Sweet Potato Thanksgiving Story by Jonice

    A few years ago I bought a couple of cans of Yam sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving. Well when thanks giving came and I opened up one of the cans low and behold, when I poured the contents into a casser…

    83 words
  • ryan  munson

    Ahoy There by ryan munson

    Shattered winds beneath my freckle toes
    Lift me when the clouds meet and decide
    So do the scars, guised under cherry armor
    Like a rabbit wounds my tired velvet side

    ` Beware the gamble knife and fles…

    125 words
  • AndrewWakelin

    If not for grace... by AndrewWakelin

    How long before this life drifts from existence?
    How long before the visionaries turn blind?

    170 words
  • ToastedGhost

    Gammy Legs by ToastedGhost

    Hide your sticks
    don’t let him see
    Too late
    Too late
    His eyes fixate
    a smirk replaced by glee

    483 words
  • guy natav

    untitled and ungodly limrick by guy natav

    I once saw a line on a crumbling wall
    They found god in some basement
    forgotten and whole

    84 words
  • Melissa Park

    Lessons Of Love by Melissa Park

    If you gave me a river of diamonds,
    I could not give you love.
    I would not trade my heart
    For an ocean full of gold,
    Love is not a plaything
    To be bought, or swapped and sold,
    Nor is it a ring,
    To carry, we…

    73 words
  • Robert Goulet

    As I Could Be by Robert Goulet

    I raise my hands up to the sky
    And touch the edge of heaven
    I close my eyes, breath deeply
    I fade into a realm of total relaxation
    I see me as I am and as I could be
    So far apart
    For a moment I hate my pre…

    154 words
  • Melissa Park

    Wonder by Melissa Park

    Time is a wonder,
    Like the sun after a storm.
    It flashes like thunder…
    Just one moment,
    Then it’s gone.

    21 words
  • Robert Goulet

    A Better Time by Robert Goulet

    The darkness seeps in, So slowly it is hardly noticed.
    Fathers and Sons, Mothers and Daughters, Sisters and Brothers, Neighbors, Stangers.
    Engaged in battle over life’s trivials.
    So many living on…

    244 words
  • jansnow

    An Evening In Time by jansnow

    The wind flows gently through the leaves of fall
    as the ebbing day dwindles to a silent end.

    The peaceful sound of the cricket’s call
    rings out to a new found friend.

    The bird’s goodnight c…

    89 words
  • R&PChristianDesign &Photography

    Believe in Yourself by R&PChristianDe...

    Seen the fork in the road…
    Too many times.
    Oh again, I hear the chimes,
    One, two, three,
    Which way this time?

    86 words
  • R&PChristianDesign &Photography

    Where is America by R&PChristianDe...

    So many lost sheep,
    We are asleep without a peep.
    What happened to the red white and blue?
    All for justice and how the eagle flew?

    165 words
  • R&PChristianDesign &Photography

    Fear by R&PChristianDe...

    As I begin to make out the figure,
    My eyes begin to tear.
    Cold, clammy, no breath, heart beating…
    I start to run and stumble in the clear.

    108 words
  • R&PChristianDesign &Photography

    God’s World by R&PChristianDe...

    Too many buttered palms and backs scratched by others.
    Too much hostility and God so many possibilities.
    What is the solution to this pollution.
    How about a conclusion to this confusion.

    164 words