It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

12 Great Features - Challenge Themes ONLY *(CLOSED FOR REFURBISHMENT)*

Group Rules:

2. No foul language or other offensive materials
3. Images must relate to challenge themes ONLY and comply with the challenge requirements – NO other work will be accepted and will be removed from the challenge without notice or explanation. NO EXCEPTIONS.
4. No soliciting for votes…via your journal, writings or BM. Anyone suspected of this will be removed from the group at my discretion. No warnings will be issued.
5. All challenge entries must be submitted to the group (you do NOT have to wait for approval) before entering the challenge. Any entries that have not been submitted to the group, or do not follow the challenge requirements will be removed without notice or explanation. NO EXCEPTIONS. Repeatedly ignoring this rule will result in your removal from the group.
6. Submitting images that do NOT comply with the rules will result in your removal from the group. This is for those that check every group box on every image they upload.
7. No more than 10 images and 10 T-shirts allowed (this may change later).
8. Works accepted into the group and not entered into the challenge will be removed.
9. After a certain time period non-winning entries will be removed from the group to allow you to add other images for new challenge events.
10. Comply with all Redbubble rules and regulations.

NOTE: Images that have been removed from the group or challenges are removed because they do not follow the challenge requirements. Please go back and read the challenge requirements, make changes and re-submit.

NEW!!! Trivia Challenge is now going on in the Games Room. Stop by and play!!

Trivia Challenge Game Rules

Who can play? Anyone who is a member of the 12 Great Features group, of course!
What does the winner receive? Trivia Winner Spotlight of the Week on the group’s home page – determined via a challenge. (No nudity or SF). Anyone that would like to contribute new/other prizes, please BM me.
How is the winner determined? The first 12 members to answer correctly two questions in each category – 12 questions (12 Great Features). A challenge will then be launched for ONLY those 12 to determine the overall winner for the Spotlight feature. (This may change with your input and suggestions. Still working out the kinks!)
What are the Categories? Geography, Entertainment, History, Art & Literature, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure, Wild (could be any subject), People & Places, plus some new sub-categories.
How much time will I have? You will have one week to answer all the questions. Two questions from random categories will be posted daily for six days at various times (due to the different time zones). Game will be posted, 2 per day, Monday through Saturday, and end on the following Sunday at 10:00pm EDT (my time).
How do I submit my answers? Answers to all 12 questions will now be submitted all at once via e-mail to

How to Play – Rules
1. Your answer MUST contain the following information: Question # and correct answer, a link to where you found the answer or “I knew that one” or “my family/friend told me,” etc., and the date and time (ex. June 6, 4:30pm EDT) of your e-mail sent.
2. Please only submit one answer per question. Read the questions carefully and don’t assume a search will lead you to the correct answer….double check KEYWORDS.
3.Two questions from random categories will be posted daily for six days at various times (due to the different time zones), each in a new post, Monday through Saturday.
4. All information in rule #1 must be included or your answers will be disqualified.
5. All answers must be e-mailed to no later than 10:00pm EDT USA on each Sunday. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please only send one e-mail with all 12 answers.
6. Please use Game (#) as subject line.
7. Have fun!!

I do not judge the quality of your work, only see that they comply with the challenge requirements.

Suggestions for challenge themes are welcome and may be posted in the forum.

Thank you.
Catherine Palmer – winner of the Featured Banner Challenge