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Trivia Challenge - Game 3 - Questions 5 & 6 (locked)

Donna Adamski Donna Adamski 921 posts

How to Play – Rules
1. Your answer MUST contain the following information: Question # and correct answer, a link to where you found the answer or “I knew that one” or “my family/friend told me,” etc., and the date and time (ex. June 6, 4:30pm EDT) of your e-mail sent. Date and time only needs to be listed once after the last answer, the time just before you press the send button!! We want to see links to understand why the answer was incorrect and to make any changes necessary to avoid this.
2. Please only submit one answer per question. Read the questions carefully and don’t assume a search will lead you to the correct answer….double check KEYWORDS.
3.Two questions from random categories will be posted daily for six days at various times (due to the different time zones), each in a new post, Monday through Saturday.
4. All information in rule #1 must be included in your e-mail or your answers will be disqualified.
5. All 12 answers must be e-mailed to no later than 10:00pm EDT USA on each Sunday. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please send ONLY one e-mail with all 12 answers + bonus question answers.
6. Now adding a bonus question for extra points, if needed! These will go toward any incorrect answers. You will need 3 correctly answered bonus questions to equal 1 challenge question.
7. Please use Game (#) as subject line.
8. Have fun!!

Question 5
Category/sub-category – Entertainment – Movies – Movie Mix

What was the first George Lucas film to cast Harrison Ford?

Question 6
Category/sub-category – Wild

What easy entree do Canadians refer to as Kraft Dinner, KD or “rubber bullets”?

Bonus Question
Category – Wild

What did a superstitious sailor guard against, by having a pig and rooster tattooed on his feet?

Do NOT post your answers here – Please refer to rule 5 above.

Donna Adamski Donna Adamski 921 posts

Correct answers:

5. American Graffiti
6. Macaroni & Cheese
Bonus – Drowning

6/28/09 @ 11:20pm EDT USA