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12 Great Features - Challenge Themes ONLY *(CLOSED FOR REFURBISHMENT)*

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Text ONLY T-shirts

This challenge closed about 7 years ago.

The Challenge

*Please read All of the following before entering this challenge…THIS CHALLENGE IS FOR A CHANCE TO WIN REDBUBBLE VOUCHERS FOR GROUP CHALLENGE PRIZES. More info under Rewards & Prizes. ONLY 7 days left to get a chance to win vouchers for the group, so this is a quick challenge.

1. This challenge is for T-Shirts Only with writing…nothing else. NEW WORKS ONLY….Previous winning/placing entries to any other challenges will be removed.

2. The theme is text only. Humorous Ts

3. I reserve the right to reject any image that does not follow the guidelines.

4. All entries MUST be submitted to the group. It is not necessary to wait for approval to enter the challenge, but you MUST submit to the group at the same time. Entries NOT submitted will be removed without notice or explanation. If your qualified entry is removed, please submit it to the group and re-enter the challenge.


7. Good Luck and Have Fun!*

Judging / Voting Criteria

*Vote for your favorite image or images.

Please NO SOLICITING for votes. Let your image win on its own merits.

Those caught with an influx of last minute votes will be removed from the challenge and the group.*

Rewards & Prizes

*Winning entry will become the group avatar for the week.

The Top Ten entries will be featured for the week.

The winning entry’s artist will be the featured artist of the week. If already a featured member, then it will pass down to second place winner.

Maybe some of the prizes that Redbubble is offering.
Prizes will be awarded in five categories:

The most creative challenge topic (as decided by RB)
The most votes
The most votes relative the number of members (providing a group has more than 20 members)
The most entries
The most entries relative to the number of members (providing a group has more than 20 members)
Each category will have a first prize of US$50 (as a RB voucher) and a second prize of US$30 (as a RB voucher).*

Additional Information


Entries that do not comply with the rules of this challenge will be removed without notice or explanation. NO EXCEPTIONS. If your qualified entry is removed, please submit it to the group and then re-enter the challenge.*

Cover Image: Sarcasm by Donna Adamski


The Top Ten

Random Questions t-shirt by Jan  Tribe

Random Questions t-shirt by Jan Tribe was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • I eat crayons by Gavin King
  • I Don't Drink.... by DoreenPhillips
  • Dyslexia by Karen Scrimes
  • STOP THE WORLD by Peter Krause
  • raising kids is like being pecked to death by a chicken (417) views by SKNickel
  • Don't Fudge With Me! by Johanne Brunet
  • I'm not dead... I'm narcoleptic. by SayWhat
  • Recursion - dark tees by Andreas Koepke
  • Limited Edition by tandoor

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