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New host(s) needed (locked)

Cass23 Cass23 276 posts

Hi wonderful group!!

Jonathan and I are seeking a new host as this group is so big and neither of us are on the bubble as often as we need to be to get this group as active as we are wanting it to be so we are asking if anyone is interested in helping out?

If you are please bmail Jonathan or myself.

Thank you!!!
~Cassandra and Jonathan

Rhonda  Thomassen Rhonda Thomassen 300 posts

Hopefully you will be as lucky as I was to find someone. You guys have been great!

Cass23 Cass23 276 posts

Awe your so sweet Rhonda. I know we will find someone that wants what we want for this group :) xxxx

Ladymoose Ladymoose 1054 posts

I`m swamped at the mo or I would volunteer:-)

linmarie linmarie 2210 posts

good luck to you both, I have my hands full now ,, saving 7 groups,, we all understand life gets busy.. wish you all the best,,

Marcelle Raphael ©Fine Art Newborns Marcelle Rapha... 2331 posts

Have you checked with anyone in the Temporary Host helpers group? the have people there who are seeing long term hosting opportunities too. Or the Hosts of Redbubble Group.