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Forum Last Post
Comment Front Door (come in and introduce yourself)
3 topics 5 posts

This is the place for new introductions and welcoming new people

over 5 years ago by Steven Guy
Comment Competitions and Challenges
1 topic 2 posts

Info on current comps, ideas for future ones and winners featured here

over 6 years ago by Rhonda Thomassen
Comment The Lounge
74 topics 183 posts

general chat. feel free to discuss whatever’s on your mind, have a debate or play some games

over 5 years ago by Cindy Schnackel
Comment The Bedroom (Collaborations + Critiques)
1 topic 11 posts

get up close and personal with other members =] get critique on your work or collaborate with someone

about 6 years ago by Marc Grossberg
Comment The Kitchen (Tools and Tips)
0 topics 0 posts

Tools, tips & tricks here. find out how things are created =] tutorials, technical discussion etc.

Comment The Garden (Exhibitions and RL events)
2 topics 4 posts

promote yours or others exhibitions (related to the group theme) here =] as well as other RL (real life) things such as meet-ups.

over 5 years ago by Peter Denness
Comment Group News
153 topics 1290 posts
3 months ago by Audra Lemke
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