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Tutorials for Using and Making Textures

Leslie Nicole Leslie Nicole 104 posts

Hi all,

I have tutorials on my blog with Photoshop tips and creative post-processing.

The focus is with texture use, but also pp in general.
There are tutorials for using and making textures as well as interviews and other articles.

Sample Tutorials

How to Choose a Texture for Your Image a beginners tip for using textures.

Evolution of a Texture a more advanced technique for making textures.

There are also free High Res Textures available for download.

Enjoy. :-) Leslie

SRana SRana 27 posts

Will have a lot, thanks Leslie


bazcelt bazcelt 394 posts

thanks heaps Leslie – have added them to the faves list for a longer look! Cheers, Barry

Chris Armytage™ Chris Armytage™ 1447 posts

Excellent, thanks so much Leslie!

Rita Blom Rita Blom 3296 posts

Thank you so much Leslie for your encouragement. I would really love to understand more so have downloaded some of your suggestions.

Leslie Nicole Leslie Nicole 104 posts

Just an update that although the Photo Artist Textures archive is still up, I’ve moved operations to my new blog: French Kiss Textures. Tutorials, featured art, etc. Also Free textures and brushes available. Feel free to ask questions. :-)