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PAINT BOOK (NO photography...Paintings only)

Traditional Art ONLY! (Oil, Watercolor, Acrylics, pencil drawings, etc)

FEATURES (1-8-10)

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2611 posts

I feel just like a Mother Hen with her chicks…I’m SO proud of you! (Goodness knows, I’m old enough to be most of your moms! lol:)

DRUM ROLL PLEASE: We will announce the OUTSTANDING WEEKLY FEATURE tomorrow! Be sure to check the Group Message for the winner!

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEWEST DAILY WINNERS: ronda Chatelle (World Traveler) and Mike Wyntinck (Lumbreck Falls)


Lumbreck Falls…1/8/10

World Traveler…1/7/10

Big Horn..1/6/10

High Key Twins…1/5/10

My Angel…1/4/10

Purpose Meets Passion…1/3/10

Take The Walk…1/2/10

BRAVO….such superb talent!


aaeiinnn aaeiinnn 606 posts

oh pat they are magnificent
got to admit my favs of these are
world traveller and take the walk
i am so glad artists ignore the saying about not working with children and animals xx

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2611 posts

Thank you so much for your wonderful support, Annie! We can always count on you!

Anna Shaw Anna Shaw 7383 posts

I am shouting too – they are WONDERFUL!!!!

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2611 posts

Thank you sooooo much, Anna! I always enjoy seeing your beautiful, smiling face!

Manfred Belau Manfred Belau 63 posts

Cool stuff Pat. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Good on you!!!

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2611 posts

Hey there, Manfred! Wonderful of you to pop in with terrific support…Thank You!

ronda chatelle ronda chatelle 403 posts

I still cannot get over how much work you are doing! I love your little song at the beginning! I will definitely check back tomorrow to see the weekly “Feature” The competition is strong! Fabulous work!!!

TatumWulff TatumWulff 3405 posts

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE thank you dear Pat for featuring my work, Wok Tum Bay!!!!!!!!!!! It’s such an honor to be featured here, considering the high level of talent.. it’s such a compliment to me! ;)))

Thank you so much for making this such a fantastic group to be a part of!! and congratulations to all the other featured artists.. your works are outstanding!!!!! ;)

Tatum ;))

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2611 posts

Thank you for the wonderful support, ronda! It is such a pleasure featuring your outstanding art pieces!

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2611 posts

Tatum: I truly appreciate your kind and enthusiastic support….thank you! Your awards are well deserved!

dove99 dove99 35 posts

Dear Pat,
You know what I think! Leilani,Teresa, Heather and you can NOT put a foot wrong. Keep enjoying yourselves ladies, you are managing a
wonderful group!! Kudos to you all.

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2611 posts

DiDi: Sure do appreciate your loving and loyal support! Makes all the long hours and preparation worth it! THANK YOU, my friend.

Jessica Jenney Jessica Jenney 190 posts

Thanks so much Pat for the feature! They are all so beautiful! And congrats to all the artists for their fabulous daily features!

Mike Wytinck Mike Wytinck 26 posts

Thank you very much for the feature. Congrats to all of the artists who where featured, the work is outstanding!!

reclusiveartist reclusiveartist 316 posts

LOL! I love this community! So much enthusiasm, so much amazing talent! Congratulations to all of our fabulous artists today! Wow! These works are just outstanding!!!! ((((HUGS!)))))

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2611 posts

Jessica, Mike & Lisa: Thanks for the continued loving support! You guys are what makes everything worth it!

Yannik Hay Yannik Hay 1659 posts

Hello Pat, thank you so much for choosing this image as a feature as it is one of my favourites images. I really appreciate it and it is worth all the effort we put on capturing those images. I am thrilled.
Also congratulations to all with you beautiful images!
What a great group to belong to!
You are a very active and fun group! I love it!
I just happened to come back from a 2 day seminar away from town and what a great surprise I have in reading my rb feed.
Thx again Pat.

Rita Blom Rita Blom 2872 posts

Great Accolades to you Pat, Leilani,Teresa & Heather. Crongratulation’s to the winners, great photos, composition extra. I especially love World Traveler and Walk the walk. Perhaps being a grandparent of 12 I always love the kid ones. My darlings are all teenagers now and have lost he lovely innocence of the very young!

ourjrny ourjrny 391 posts

Aloha Pat, thank you and all the hosts so much for featuring my work
The Absolute ~ Aloha Ke Akua Na Kahu ~ Ke Ahi La’a ~ Sacred Fire

among the many talented artists and photographers with your wonderful group. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your kindness.

Mahalo nui loa, congratulations to all the featured members as well,
Aloha ’oe
08 January 2010

LeilaniMelayna LeilaniMelayna 252 posts

May you have a beautiful & blessed YEAR in 2010! dear Sharon Mau! Cheers to you & you are so very welcome on your featured work & thank you so much for allowing us to feature your work, my dear artist friend!

Smiles :o) Leilani

LeilaniMelayna LeilaniMelayna 252 posts

CHEERS!!!!! GO TEAM!!!!!

Smiles :o) Leilani

ourjrny ourjrny 391 posts

Aloha Leilani, thank you so much for your kind wishes and beautiful words,
you are so sweet :))))