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3-27-13 FEATURES: Dark Beauty

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2566 posts

THANK YOU ALL for these outstanding art pieces! They are moody, intriguing, inspiring, & powerful!
In today’s Features….I have thrown caution to the wind and broken my own rules! (Really fun!) lolol:)
There are frames, surrealism and added writings but don’t think I’ve changed the rules….they will continue to
be removed, as usual, after today’s features!! lolol:)

THERE ARE SO MANY MORE OF THESE BEAUTIES….I WILL FEATURE THEM SOON….so if yours isn’t in this 1st group, be patient.


Tree of LIFE
by © Angela L Walker

An elegant quartet
by Alan Mattison IPA

Cranny Sunrise
by Keith Irving

To See Time
by SuddenJim

Into The Silence
by Carla Jensen

Distant reality.
by jammingene

The Holy Table
by Den McKervey

Ohio River Sunsets
by kentuckyblueman

front yard trees
by glennbrady

Station sunset
by Monjii

Cruising into Sydney Harbour
by Christina Brunton

Graphic Musings
by michaelgabriel

Soft glow of winter's fire
by Owed to Nature

Stone cold
by Linda Sparks

Silhouette Sunset
by Elaine Teague

by iamelmana

Conduit of Communication
by Mark Lucey

Underwater Dalek
by biddumy

∗I've Fallen for You∗
by DeeZ

by Colleen2012

The Dragons of Desire
by RC deWinter

by SharonJH

Secrets of the world
by andy551

With a Golden Trim
by Mieke Boynton

Shivaratri Night
by lamiel

Black morning
by jammingene

Sunrise on the Virgin River
by Darcy Grizzle

Sunset at the Y
by Dave Callaway

Mystical morning
by steppeland

Wickedly Scarlet!
by Rosemary Sobiera

Love's Blindness # 221
by Frederick James Norman

It dwells in another heaven
by Kenart

The Orchid in My Sunset
by TheCandle

by Aleksandar Topalovic

Fluffy Swansea Sunset
by bazcelt

by Cyn Valentine

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time,
if their image meets the theme & judging requirements.

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME to comment before leaving. Thank you.

Chris Brunton Chris Brunton 1667 posts

Great selection. Such wonderful beauties. Congratulations to all those featured members.

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4679 posts

Congratulations to all Featured Artists on your Amazing Work!

Elaine Teague Elaine Teague 1974 posts

Thanks so much for including my ‘Silhouette sunset’ amongst all these gorgeous images Pat. Congratulations everyone.

Andrew  Bailey Andrew Bailey 159 posts

Great images – well done, one and all,.

Pencilpastel Pencilpastel 203 posts

Congratulations to all featured members! Great selection!

Livvy Young Livvy Young 2685 posts


Barbara  Brown Barbara Brown 1035 posts

Gorgeous selections Pat! Congratulations to all talented and featured artists!

Colleen2012 Colleen2012 142 posts

Congrats to all featured artists and thank you kindly Pat for including mine. Happy Easter Everyone!
Love Colleen2012

Rosemary Sobiera Rosemary Sobiera 258 posts

Thank you, Pat, for including my Wickedly Scarlet picture with such wonderful work! I am deeply honoured. :)

biddumy biddumy 550 posts

Thanks very much for featuring my image alongside the other fabulous artworks. Congratulations to all!!

© Angela L Walker © Angela L Walker 932 posts

Wonderful display of rich, deeply toned beauty! Thanks so much for including one of my art pieces in this amazing selection! Congrats to everyone featured here! :)

Dave Callaway Dave Callaway 184 posts

Congrats to all the talented artists in this feature.. I am humbled to have an image among them.. thank you Pat.. :-))

steppeland steppeland 1442 posts

Fantastic selection, Pat! Thank you for including one of my works, and CONGRATS to all the featured artists.

TheCandle TheCandle 85 posts

Such wonderful art. I am proud that my work is among this gallery.


Cynful Cynful 31 posts

Beautiful thrilled mine was included! Congrats to all the artists!!!

EdsMum EdsMum 16359 posts

Pat, you have been a busy beaver…Congratulations to all those who featured. Shirley

Carla Jensen Carla Jensen 1030 posts

Congratulations to all Featured Artists!! Phenomenal work had by all!! Thanks so very much Pat for including “Into The Silence” to be among them!! WooooHoooooo!!

Sandra Fortier Sandra Fortier 591 posts

Amazing images…congrats to all!!

Rita Blom Rita Blom 3327 posts

Very interesting images, my Congratulations to all the featured artists.