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4-17-11 ALPHABET MARATHON M: Earth: Our Beautiful Blue Marble

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x Emilie Trammell
x ctheworld
x AuntDot
x Kay Kempton Raade
x vbk70
x paolo1955
x Barbara Manis
x KathleenRinker
x Samantha Higgs…
x Bob Culshaw
x Carol Sawyer
x timmburgess
x Lisa Hayward
x bdazzled
x patjila
x Laura Holman
x vaggypar
x lindamiller
x Elisabeta Hermann
x Susie Peek-Swint
x Susie Peek-Swint
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Emilie Trammell Emilie Trammell 335 posts

Beautiful blues! Congrats to all!

ctheworld ctheworld 6827 posts

WoooHoooo! What a surprise and honor to see one of my photos among these! Thanks to Pat, and a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to the other featured artists!

AuntDot AuntDot 5500 posts

Gorgeous images! Congratulations everyone!

Kay Kempton Raade Kay Kempton Raade 642 posts

Marvelous!! Super Congrats.

vbk70 vbk70 876 posts

Pat, what an outstanding selection!!!! Wow, so much beauty. Congratulations to all.

paolo1955 paolo1955 3925 posts

Congratulations to all.

Barbara Manis Barbara Manis 529 posts

Absolutely stunning all! Congratulations to all the talented artists!

KathleenRinker KathleenRinker 56 posts

Wow stunning images, congrats to all of the artists!!

Samantha Higgs Samantha Higgs 107 posts

Beautiful work everyone! I especially love the surfer shot – wow!

Bob Culshaw Bob Culshaw 1864 posts

Thank you Pat for including an image of mine in this wonderful selection. Congratulations to all the other artists who have an image selected.

Carol2 Carol2 1175 posts

Congratulations everyone!!

timmburgess timmburgess 237 posts

Thank you for adding my photograph to these fantastic images ….timm

reclusiveartist reclusiveartist 311 posts

These are ALL GORGEOUS, but I must admit that the rainbow speaks the deepest to me! Congratulations!!

© Kira Bodensted © Kira Bodensted 4007 posts

Congratulations to all you wonderful and talented artists,
and thank you so much Pat for this gorgeous display and for helping to draw attention to EARTH DAY :o)

patjila patjila 1084 posts

Gorgeous gallery of Mother Earth most precious posession: water! Congrats to all featured artists!

Laura J. Holman Laura J. Holman 412 posts

The majestic beauty of our wonderful planet so beautifully captured by those featured! Congrats to all! Great choices Pat!

vaggypar vaggypar 13847 posts

Great Work .!!

Linda Miller Gesualdo Linda Miller G... 306 posts

So Gorgeous works congratulations all of your :-)

Elisabeta Hermann Elisabeta Hermann 5251 posts

Fantastic selection!

Congratulations to ALL!!!

Susie Peek Susie Peek 1111 posts

Gorgeous blues ~ great selection Pat .. thanks so much for including one of mine in the features ~ congrats everyone!

riata66 riata66 193 posts

Beautiful blue tones, love them all. Congrats to everyone…

Cass23 Cass23 279 posts

I see amazing blues, congratulations everyone :) wonderful job everyone!

Sara Moon Sara Moon 13 posts

Asolutely STUNNING array of images – THANK YOU all for sharing! John.

Evita Evita 13108 posts

Wow… so beautiful! Thank you so much Pat for including my *Naroona- Late Afternoon Fishing- among such awesome works!
Congratulations to all others featured members!!!! ☺♥