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1-15-11 FEATURES: Painted Ladies

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts


*EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: Today’s Features are a prelude to a new group starting soon: PAINTED LADIES…for Hand Artists Only.

Today’s artists are invited and encouraged to join the new group!
See you there!*

                                                Today’s Artists are incredibly talented!                 These art pieces are magnificent!


FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time, if their image meets the theme & judging requirements.


canonman99 canonman99 473 posts

all very cool….where’s the phone numbers?

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 9340 posts

And how beautifully painted these ladies are! I I will not ask for the phone numbers lol!!!
Congratulations to all artists.

BettyHermann BettyHermann 4936 posts

Marvelously “painted ladies" in this selection!!!
What an impressive display, dear Pat!
See you in the New Group….:)


iamelmana iamelmana 223 posts

WOW !! What an amazing display of very gifted artists. All the different techniques used makes this one outstanding collection of beautiful woman.
Congrats to all !!

reclusiveartist reclusiveartist 303 posts

I am so blown away by my fellow artists that can DRAW!!! Because I CAN’T…these are indeed stunning!!

Susan Bergstrom Susan Bergstrom 550 posts

Thanks so much for this Wonderful Feature of my work (Lone Star)! This is such a magnificent Honor!

Angela  Burman Angela Burman 297 posts

Thank you very much Pat for featuring Revelation. I feel so proud to be amongst such talented artists. I look forward to the new group very much. Congratulations everyone, outstanding work

Helena Bebirian Helena Bebirian 27 posts

Pat, Multiple thank you’s for featuring, “Peace.” And being displayed with fellow stunning pieces of work. Many congrats to all great artists, and looking forward to a successful new group!

Laura J. Holman Laura J. Holman 414 posts

Beautiful collection of amazing ladies! Congrats to all and thank you for including “Cassandra’s Hummingbird.” Looking forward to the new group and a great year.

Karen Townsend Karen Townsend 120 posts

Thank you for featuring my lady, amongst these fabulous works, and I would love to join your new group :o)

Maree Clarkson Maree Clarkson 3271 posts

This is absolutely STUNNING Pat, beautiful selection! And thank you for including Eos, I truly feel honoured! And a B-I-G congratulations to all the other featured artists, great work guys!

eoconnor eoconnor 2554 posts

This is a wonderful honour,I am thrilled to be featured with all these artists and the new group sounds great !thanks so much !@LIz

Elena Oleniuc Elena Oleniuc 353 posts

Thank you so much Pat for featuring my Dreaming ! Wonderful selection, congrats to all !

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 7994 posts

What an exciting array…thank you so much for featuring two of my very own painted ladies…I really appreciate it…

Tigran Akopyan Tigran Akopyan 19 posts

Beautiful collection, wonderful painted Ladies! Thank you so much for including my painting Waiting!

Rachel Stickney Rachel Stickney 370 posts

Awesome work! Wish I could draw or paint!

Evita Evita 15186 posts

Stunning works Congratulaions to all featured!!!!!! ☺♥
Fantastic selections Pat!!! ☺♥

Kimberly Caldwell Kimberly Caldwell 2 posts

Thank you for the two features! The new group will be awesome!

nancy salamouny nancy salamouny 46 posts

Pat, thank you for the wonderful feature… its an honor and congrats to all my fellow talented artists!

Rhonda Strickland Rhonda Strickland 4163 posts

Exquisite works!!! Fabulous choices for features!!!!

BlueOcean BlueOcean 4 posts

What fabulous female images. I am honored to be part of the group!

Susie Peek Susie Peek 1104 posts

Stunning work everyone ~ inspiring ~ many congrats!

Lisafrancesjudd Lisafrancesjudd 48 posts

Thank you so much Pat for featuring my artwork “I love my Cat”. This original was a commissioned artwork from a loving daughter to her Mother.

Adam Regester Adam Regester 28 posts

WOW !! Thanks for featuring my painted lady ! :)