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Traditional Art ONLY! (Oil, Watercolor, Acrylics, pencil drawings, etc)


pat gamwell pat gamwell 2568 posts


You guys ROCK! You captured these magnificent creatures in all their majesty! THANK YOU ALL!

(Be sure to view our newest event: SPOTLIGHT ARTISTS. YOU TOO may be one of the next winners!)



akaurora akaurora 223 posts

AWESOME IMAGES … HUGE CONGRATS to all the ‘Well Deserving’ Featured Artists!!

Berns Berns 3046 posts

Wow! Pat! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to everyone and all have a great weekend!

Sheryl Unwin Sheryl Unwin 47 posts

I have just join your wonderful group and i have to say i am honored to be amongst such FABULOUS artist….and Congrats to all of featured artist who have captured the beauty and grace of such fantastic creatures as these Horses…have a wonderful weekend

Alexa Pereira Alexa Pereira 49 posts

Congrats to everyone and I too feel very honoured being amongst such beautiful images
And feel very humbled
Have a super weekend one and all

Ann J. Sagel Ann J. Sagel 529 posts

Awesome captures one and all. CONGRATZ to all the featured artists and captures.

photosbytony photosbytony 565 posts

Just an outstanding group of images, proud to be part of it. Congrats to all! Tony

Barbara Burkhardt Barbara Burkhardt 203 posts

Fab page … well assembled – Congratulations ALL

Elisabeta Hermann Elisabeta Hermann 5245 posts


Marie Sharp Marie Sharp 12757 posts

Stunning work from our very talented members! Congratulations to everyone!

Kimberly Chadwick Kimberly Chadwick 364 posts

Heat warming images, all of them! Well done on the features. Congrats to all of you artists!

Laura Palazzolo Laura Palazzolo 6 posts

Wow thank you everyone. You made my day!

patjila patjila 1092 posts

Really great captures are collected! Congratulations to all grat photographers artists and hosts of the group for doing this!

Trevor Kersley Trevor Kersley 405 posts

Thank you for the two features of my work, its a great honour.

Beatrice Cloake Pasquier Beatrice Cloak... 9232 posts

Wow, such a wonderful display ! congratulations to all these clever artists.

Ellen Cotton Ellen Cotton 442 posts

Fantastic collection!!! Congrats to all the amazing artists in this group!!