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FEATURES (4-12-10...ARTISTIC IMPRESSIONS..Part 1 (Non-photographic)

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2608 posts

ARTISTIC IMPRESSIONS….PART 1 (Non-photographic High Quality Art)

For a visual treat, please view "ARTISTIC IMPRESSIONS…Part 2 (Non-photographic High Quality Art)“:

I’ve just been on an Exciting…Exhilarating…Enthralling…Exquisite…Emotional….yet exhausting stroll
through 500 pages & over 5,000 images, but feast your eyes on what I found!!!! Well worth it!

There are not enough adjectives to describe these SUPERB, MAGNIFICENT, EXQUISITE, BREATHTAKING & ENCHANTING
works of true art pieces! BRAVO!!!!

The mediums used: OIL, PASTEL, ACRYLIC, WATERCOLOR, TEMPURA, INK PEN, CHARCOAL, HB PENCIL, METALLIC FOIL, DIGITAL COMPUTER and more. Due to the vast number of HIGH QUALITY art, this will be PART 1 of a series,
which will be presented to you throughout this week.

THANK YOU ALL for these soul-moving images!

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive
more than one feature at a time, if their image meets the theme & judging requirements


ctheworld ctheworld 6644 posts


John D Moulton John D Moulton 11 posts

Hello Pat! What a glorious collection of colour, and imagery. VERY proud and humbled to be featured amongst such talented artists. Thank you! John.

Teresa  Pelaez Teresa Pelaez 56 posts

wow so fantastic

canonman99 canonman99 657 posts

Some out of this world images,…..all deserving to be here!

Elaine Bawden Elaine Bawden 220 posts

Thank you so much for the feature of A Cup of Love I am honored to be selected from so many talented artist and show my work along with all these beautiful works! Congratulations to each and every one of you! ~ Elaine

Lynda Harris Lynda Harris 161 posts

Thankyou so very much for choosing to feature my painting of “Nanna”! I can’t believe it! I know if she was here now Nanna would be overwhelmed and be in awe that her image is now able to be seen by people all over the world. It’s fantastic and I really appreciate the encouragement. :D Lynda

Cathy Gilday Cathy Gilday 386 posts

Thank you so much for featuring my painting Ruby"s Eyes amongst this wonderful selection, I am truly honoured and very greatful.

Poetlife Poetlife 93 posts

Yes -Congratulations to all artists-FEATURED.

Deborah Glasgow Deborah Glasgow 103 posts

Thank You, Pat! What an honor, indeed….and such a wonderful surprise. I am humbled to be among such talented people….again, THANK YOU!

nellaevad nellaevad 642 posts

congratulations to everyone

Berns Berns 3051 posts

Stunning artworks!!!!!!!!! Congrats to all!

dorina costras dorina costras 167 posts

Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! …………….and Congratulations too all!!! :)

Margaret Stockdale Margaret Stock... 124 posts

Well done to all the artists featured here!! Thankyou for my feature……..I am honored to be amongst such good company!

Marie Sharp Marie Sharp 12251 posts

Awesome talent from all featured members! Congratulations to everyone!

Susie Hawkins Susie Hawkins 220 posts

Brilliant!! well done all of you. :)

david hatton david hatton 415 posts

BRILLIANT works,compliments,david

Gabrielle Agius Gabrielle Agius 20 posts

thank you!!

Kseniya Beliaeva Kseniya Beliaeva 45 posts

Thank you!

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2608 posts

I’m so proud of EVERYONE! Outstanding work!

Evita Evita 13854 posts

Fabulous work !!!!!!!! Congratulations !!!!!!! :D

sushobhan sushobhan 5 posts

Thank you so much …………….and Congratulations too all.Outstanding work by everyone :)

Cathy Amendola Cathy Amendola 236 posts

CONGRATULATIONS!!! How fantastic to see all this beauty in one place!

Reynaldo Reynaldo 215 posts

Congratulaions to are talented peers, muchas gracias Pat for this honour, much appreciate. :) Rey sorry for the late reply