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FEATURES (2-27-10..Architecture/Landmarks)

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts


Our Artists have really outdone themselves with these breathtaking images of architecture around the world!
It was impossible to Feature every deserving architectural image tonight…, we’ll do this again!

THANK YOU ALL for this outstanding travelogue!


ronda chatelle ronda chatelle 404 posts

Congratulations to all of the above featured artists! I am blown away by the beauty and detail! Pat I am thrilled to be included in your “AWESOME ARCHITECTURE & LANDMARKS” theme of features! Typically I don’t do this type of photography so I am so honored to receive this recognition! Looks like your technical problems are being solved! Thanks for continuing to make this the greatest group with so much individual attention!!! Thank you so much!!! Your the best!

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts

Thank you for your enthusiatic and generous support, ronda! Your work is superb!

kindangel kindangel 502 posts

I have just been featured in the Group "#1 Artists of RedBubble " with my
image “Decorative castle " Swallow’s Nest ". Really ,this a great honor for me, and I send so very big thank you to the wonderful host of the group Pat Gamwell who featured this work !!!! I honor and thrilled so very much ,its so meaningful to be a part of such a talented group of artists !!!:)))
God bless you of all

aaeiinnn aaeiinnn 605 posts

pat this is still the most beautifull site for high quality
you now have a ‘following’ i believe of loyal and enthusiastic artists that make every click of the camera count
with love prayer hugs and friendship
annie xx

awefaul awefaul 126 posts

Thank you so much, Pat. I got so busy looking at all the other amazing features that I didn’t notice mine!

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts

Gracious me… guys are soooooo kind and loving with your loyal support! You have touched my heart deeply….hugs to all!

Britta Döll Britta Döll 168 posts

What a great collection! Pat, your group is a wonderful place. Congrats to all featured artists. And I am very happy to be among this breathtaking collection. :)

Peter Lusby Taylor Peter Lusby Ta... 249 posts

Pat, this is an amazing collection of some fantastic work, its really great to have a couple of pieces among, them congrats to all.. I’ll look forward to exploring more of the others work soon. All the best and thanks for hosting this group. Peter

martinilogic martinilogic 67 posts

Pat, thank you for such a wonderful honor. All the art here is tremendous and the group is well run

Sandra Guzman Sandra Guzman 31 posts

SO INSPIRING!!! Congratulations everyone!!

Marie Sharp Marie Sharp 13418 posts

Excellent captures from our talented members!! Congratulations to everyone!!

Vickie Emms Vickie Emms 5114 posts

Thank you Pat for featuring Ukrainian Church of the Immaculate Conception within the above fabulous features. This is such a huge honor. Such wonderful architecture and artists capturing it

AuntDot AuntDot 5425 posts

This is a fabulous collection of images. It’s like a travelogue just to see the different styles of architecture around the world. Congratulations to all the featured artists and to you, Pat, for choosing so well.

Carla Jensen Carla Jensen 1006 posts

CONGRATS!!! To All Featured….Once again Amazing Work Everyone!! =D
And as always Awesome job Pat!!

Happy Shooting, Carla

DebraLee Wiseberg DebraLee Wiseberg 775 posts

Thank you Pat so much for the feature. I am honoured to be in such great company!

DebraLee Wiseberg

Evita Evita 14820 posts

Thank you much Pat for featuring my Kiama Lighthouse image

It’s an honor to be included among such fabulous works!!!
Congratulations to all featured artists !!!!!!! :D ♥♥♥

Anne McKinnell Anne McKinnell 54 posts

Wow, I think this is my favourite of all the collections so far. So many stunning images, I really love them all. I feel honoured that you included my “Craigdarroch Castle” among these beauties!

Rita Blom Rita Blom 3428 posts

Incredible and a real WOW factor.Absolutely fabulous, what more can I say. Just wonderful to peruse. Will have to come back and look at them all again. Congratulations one and All.