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FEATURES (2-10-10....On All Fours (animals)

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2568 posts

Tonight we honor our friends who walk ON ALL FOURS!



tomboypete tomboypete 77 posts

thanks pat for featuring 1st trip for the day, cheers from peter.

Brenda Dow Brenda Dow 54 posts

Thank you for featuring “What’s Up?”….. A very pleasant surprise!!!! and so much appreciated!!!!
aka Jazzy

Marie Sharp Marie Sharp 12726 posts

Delightful captures!! Congratulations to everyone!!

evilcat evilcat 51 posts

Many thanks for featuring Red Box. It is greatly appreciated :-)

Caroline (evilcat)

artisandelimage artisandelimage 862 posts

hector says that he is super extra hyper happy to be in this great selection !!!!
thank you !!!
my best, francis.

reclusiveartist reclusiveartist 311 posts

Tiberius says “Thank you very much”. And I am so very excited for him! Thank you Pat! And congratulations to all of these very beautiful 4 legged friends that are featured here!!!!

Vickie Emms Vickie Emms 5214 posts

what a beautiful array of features Pat, you can’t go wrong with 4-legged friends. Thank you so very much for featuring my Red Fox Selective Coloring image, it’s very much appreciated. Congratulations everyone, they are all great shots!

debbiedoda debbiedoda 300 posts

Thanks for my feature “Let’s Go Swimming”.

aaeiinnn aaeiinnn 605 posts

hurray for our four legged friends
such happy fit gorgeous pics of animals

Evita Evita 13221 posts

♥ Wonderful images.. so cute … congratulations to all featured !!! :D ♥

Sally Green Sally Green 633 posts

thank so much for featuring ‘Feline and Proud’ Pat!! i appreciate it…. doesnt Casper look scrummy!! LOL
sally X

Sally Green Sally Green 633 posts

oh, now that is double sweet as his mum is my avatar and now they are side by side!! bless…. x

loiteke loiteke 1314 posts

Thanks and congratulations to everyone.

Untamedart Untamedart 11 posts

What a thrill to have my ‘Wrinkles’ featured, thank you so much. Glenda.

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2568 posts

You’re ALL very welcome! THANK YOU for the terrific member and Host support!

Margaret Stockdale Margaret Stock... 161 posts

Thankyou very much for my feature……lovely surprise!

Rockdom Rockdom 3 posts

Thanks Pat for another Feature . . . The Bobcat . . . . I so appreciate being in this group with all the talent here . . . you also do a wonderful job with it!! Thanks again!