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FEATURES (1-27-10...Part One)

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts

Tonight’s theme is presented in two parts: ANIMALS: Fun & Furry Friends (Part One)
and ANIMALS: Wild & BarnYard Friends (Part Two).

BRAVO to these Artists for masterfully capturing these adorable “friends” during their cutest moments!

Pat, Teresa & Heather

Berns Berns 3034 posts

Congrats to everyone on these great captures, and thank you so much for featuring my work "Tom and Jerry ? ..Nope not you again! " You have made my horrible rainy day much brighter :):)

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts

lolol:) Remember…There are no bad days…just bad weather! You’re very welcome, Berns….Try and have a blessed week.

Fruitexplosion Fruitexplosion 148 posts

What a fantastic collection Pat!! Congrats on all featured artists, you really deserve it!!

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts

Thank you, Fruitexplosion….we truly appreciate your support.

Marie Sharp Marie Sharp 13463 posts

Excellent selection of features!! Congratulations to everyone!!!

Silvia Ganora Silvia Ganora 493 posts

Gorgeous selection! :)

aaeiinnn aaeiinnn 605 posts

my oh my
wonderful captures
always worth viewing this group

Yannik Hay Yannik Hay 2487 posts

Congratulations to all the wonderful featured artists. Those little pets are so cute and well done!

CeePhotoArt CeePhotoArt 1010 posts

I’m so thrilled that MacKenzie (pug portrait) is among the features. Congrats to all the featured artists!!!! :S

reclusiveartist reclusiveartist 303 posts

I love animals and these are just wayyyyyy too adorable! Great feature….Congratulations to all of my fellow artists!! XX

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts

I just LOVE hearing from ALL of you……….your consistant support is truly appreciated!

Rockdom Rockdom 3 posts

Thank you very very much for the Feature! – I’m truly honored with all the talented artists in this group! Thank you!

campbellart campbellart 1 post

Thank you for including my picture in this fantastic group!

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts

ROCKDOM & CAMPBELLART: It’s my pleasure to showcase your lovely art pieces.

Ladymoose Ladymoose 1054 posts

Thank so much Pat for featuring `The Discovery` and `MINE!!!`. Myself and the cats are delighted:-)

Britta Döll Britta Döll 168 posts

Congrats to all artists! Great captures. Pat, you are doing an amazing work here. It leaves me speachless.
Thanks for featuring my capture of my cat’s eyes. I’ll tell her she is somehow famous… :)))

JaninesWorld JaninesWorld 785 posts

I am so honoured to have my photo “Tickle My Tummy”.

pat gamwell pat gamwell 2539 posts

LADYMOOSE, JANINESWORLD, BRITTA DOLL: It’s my pleasure to assist in showcasing your lovely images!

Annie Lemay  Photography Annie Lemay P... 171 posts

I am thrilled to have one of my images featured here, Thank you!